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3 stretches for amazing full body restoration

Stretching is vital for our health.

I did pilates weekly for 15 years. I felt on top of the world. Then my instructor transitioned to a full time somatic experience practitioner. And for a couple of years now I haven't been doing my weekly pilates and stretches.

My bodys' ticked off with me. Knees act up when I take a step. Back creaks when I bend forward. And my neck has decided I'm abusing it. Ouch.

That regular stretching was amazing. My body is telling me how much it misses it.

So I was asking a massage therapist about her 3 favorite full body stretches. And she blew my mind.

She got a strong 330 lb test rope from the hardware store. Attached one end to a two by four in our courtyard ceiling. The rest she uses for these body-bliss stretches.

A note of caution.

  • Perform each of these stretches with slow, deliberate, thoughtful movements.

  • Don't tug, pull or move fast through them.

  • And never, ever force the stretch nor should you overstretch because . . .

  • This may create micro-tears and injury on tendons, ligaments and muscles.

Arm and Upper Body Stretch

Wrap the rope around your right arm. Loop the shoulder and forearm, holding the base of the rope in your right hand. Hold the tail of the rope in your left.

Now lean away, towards your left side. Let your right arm, shoulder and upper back stretch. Use your body weight and slight pressure. Hold the stretch for a few minutes and breathe.

Repeat on the other arm.

Seniors stretching their arms

Neck Stretch

Hold the rope in your left hand. With slow, focused movement lean away to your right. Tilt your head to the right, letting towards your shoulder. You'll feel a stretch in your neck. Hold and breathe.

Drape your right arm over your head, resting the hand on or near the left ear. This placement will add a deeper stretch without pulling on your neck. Do NOT force the stretch or over stretch.

With slow movements, use your right hand to lift your head back up. Then repeat on the other side.

Neck Stretch

Full spine stretch.

Hold the rope with both hands. Lean your body away from the rope. You'll feel the stretch in your upper body and arms. (Or wings as Karolina called it in the video.) Hold the stretch and breathe.

Now here is the magic of this stretch:

Move your hands a little bit down the rope. Lean your body away. Hold. Repeat.

Continue sliding down the rope, leaning away. Stretch and hold. You'll feel the stretch travel down your spine.

Make your movements and stretches slow and deliberate.

When you get to the bottom of your rope, move back up the rope. With slow, deliberate intention, climb your hands back up the rope until you get to the top. This helps your spine flow down and back up again. And prevents injury.

When you're standing upright, take a deep breath. Stretch out your arms. And be grateful you have your body time to stretch and relax.

Stretch arms upwards

There you have it. Three full body stretches you can do using after a quick trip to home depot.

If you'd like to go the extra mile and get an assisted stretch, Tuscany Spa is here to help. Assisted stretching therapy increases flexibility, mobility and blood circulations. A great way to feel better in as little as 25 minutes or feel incredible after an hour.

Book your Full Body Stretch at Tuscany Spa Today.

How did you feel after these stretches? Did you enjoy them as much as I? What is your favorite stretch? Leave a comment.

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