3 stretches for amazing full body restoration

Stretching is vital for our health.

I did pilates weekly for 15 years. I felt on top of the world. Then my instructor transitioned to a full time somatic experience practitioner. And for a couple of years now I haven't been doing my weekly pilates and stretches.

My bodys' ticked off with me. Knees act up when I take a step. Back creaks when I bend forward. And my neck has decided I'm abusing it. Ouch.

That regular stretching was amazing. My body is telling me how much it misses it.

So I was asking a massage therapist about her 3 favorite full body stretches. And she blew my mind.

She got a strong 330 lb test rope from the hardware store. Attached one end to a two by four in our courtyard ceiling. The rest she uses for these body-bliss stretches.

A note of caution.

  • Perform each of these stretches with slow, deliberate, thoughtful movements.