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Why do they put capsaicin in your muscle cream?

When your back or neck are aching do you apply a muscle cream? One that creates a tingling heat in the skin and helps soothe the discomfort. Have you noticed it contains Capsaicin? (kap - say - sin)

Ingredients to know - Capsaicin.

several red, hot, spicy peppers.

This pain relieving ingredient comes from hot chili peppers. When applied to the skin, capsaicin blocks the pain messages to the nerve endings. It creates a warming heat on the skin and increases circulation to soft tissues. Its great ingredient for sore muscles.

In the first season of "Orange is the New Black" this was a theme. The protagonist tries to regain favor with the head cook after complaining about the food. So she gathers hot pepper to chew and mince into small pieces. These she places in a cream base and delivers her homemade capsaicin muscle cream to the head cook.

I do NOT recommend doing this at home. First, it's incredibly unsanitary to spit chewed peppers into a moisturizer. Second, a good muscle cream has multiple ingredients to create an ideal product. And finally third, a homemade product is safe for 6 days before bacteria attack it and make it dangerous. FYI: that bacteria can cause severe allergies that will require a round of intense antibiotics.

But the idea behind "OTNB" hot pepper cream and a Muscle cream is very similar. Both were using Capsaicin to treat muscle aches and pains. The latter simply skips the saliva and oral bacteria ingredients.

Did you know that we'll apply your capsaicin muscle cream to your shoulders or back after your body massage? This is especially helpful if you've strained those muscles. Plus it intensifies the benefit of your massage. Let our massage therapist know when you book your appointment.

Book your body massage online directly, send us an email with your 3 preferred day and times or call us at Tuscany Spa.

Michelle of Tuscany Spa

PS: DO NOT apply muscle cream with capsaicin anywhere near your private regions (avoid the genitals and anus) or near your eyes and nose. Because that will BURN. Yowch.

Also wash your hands after applying a muscle cream - this prevents you accidently getting it on sensitive areas.

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