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I confess, my bad posture led to my neck surgery

Have you thought about your daily posture? It's easy to dismiss. And when you're in pain, it's easy to forget how much impact your daily posture has on your body.

I have to admit I had terrible posture. It put so much stress on my spine and neck that I needed surgery. Today I'm rethinking how I stand and move after getting my posture assessed.

Here's a FREE QUICK POSTURE FIX you can use right now.

  • Stand upright, breathe in and relax

  • Notice your mid back - where a bra band rests, imagine those muscles pulling your shoulders back into the mid back.

  • Tuck your chin down and pull back. Just a hint, don't overdo it.

  • Breathe and relax into this position

Repeat this throughout the day. Over time your body will adjust to a better posture.

Want a posture assessment?

Physical therapists are a resource. Also look into Alexander Technique technicicans. Or into Massage therapists that offer massage.

I do have a referral for Massage therapist that offers Posture Assessment - Stephanie at Liaf Collective. Book a massage and leave your request for Posture Assesment in the comments.

Book with Stephanie at Liaf Collective.

Womans back with her hands crossed on back of her neck
Be kind to your back and neck with better posture

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