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12 Amazing Benefits of Reflexology Massage

... and why YOU need one.

I zonk out during a reflexology. One of my favorite ways to relax. It also has dozens of wellness benefits. Here are 12 reasons why you should schedule your Reflexology foot massage

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1. Acupressure points.

Reflexology therapists apply gentle, firm pressure to acupressure points on the feet. These points are wellness trigger points.

2. Fully dressed

The focus is on your feet so your remain dressed and barefoot. Great for those days you don't feel like undressing unless your ready to crawl back into bed.

3. Reduce pain

Feet take 16+ hours of abuse 7 days a week. You develop knots and tension. Often you don't realize how sore you're feet were until the pain is gone.

4. Self-care

The most pampering treatment is the one where you get to sit back let some one take care of you. Reflexology is the perfect way to treat yourself with love.

5. Full body relaxation

The body meridian lines end at the feet. Think knee bone connected to the ankle bone. And everything connects to your feet. So you get a full body relaxation when you melt the pain from the feet.

6. ReEnergize

After an hour long nap, with reduced tension in the feet and a relaxed body, you'll be in fine shape. Plus you'll feel an amazing boost in energy. Use it wisely.

7. Spiritual Blessing

As an Episcopalian one of my pre-Easter traditions is the foot washing. Astonishing how powerful that simple act can be. Having a spa therapist at my feet, caring for my well-being brings in that sense of receiving a blessing.


My brain doesn't stop, not without provocation. Reflexology was my first foray into mindfulness. Deep breathes at the start and then focusing on my breathing during the treatment. My brain quiets and lets me enter a state of bliss.

9. Acupuncture Without the Needles

Reflexology uses the same acupuncture points used in Chinese Medicine. But no needles. Only the benefits of acupressure.

10. Massage too

Reflexology combines foot and lower leg massage. What's not to love about that? You can feel the stress slide out as the therapist hands glide down your calves.

11. Feel great days later

Without your feet bunched into knots, your stress level drops. And that continues for the week. Who knew that reduce the knots in feet would be like opening a valve to let stress melt down into the earth.



Reflexology Foot Massage is a fantastic way to reduce stress and relieve pain. It triggers the body's self healing mechanism to jump-start wellness. You get an hour of mindfulness and bliss. You're finally the one on the receiving end of care and nurturing.

Reflexology Foot massage is $85 for 70 minutes.

You and your therapist will discuss your concerns at the start and she'll customize your treatment. Then you get a hands on 60 minute reflexology massage appointment. Book your appointment online or call 818 248-5500.

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