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Quick tip on skin masks

Fall Face tips - Masking it.

Masks are a great way to boost skin hydration giving you a dewy glow.

Oily skin benefits from clay masks that dry absorbing excess surface oil. When rinsed off the masks take excess dead skin cells off too.

Dry skin loves hydrating cream, gel or sheet mask. These boost skins dewy tone by boosting skin moisture.

Combo skin can do either depending on your skin concerns at the time.

One trick with all masks -

Never leave on for more than

20 minutes!


One thing that masks do is draw water up from the deeper tissues to hydrate the surfaces. Leave it on too long and it will draw too much, leaving the skin even more dehydrated.

Looking for a great mask?

PUMPKIN SOUFFLE MASK is great for all skin types. It exfoliates dry, dull dead skin cells. This reduces food for acne bacteria. And gives the skin a glow. Plus it hydrates and nourishes the skin.

A one step home facial treat. Plus the PUMPKIN SOUFFLE MASK smells scrumptious. Just in time for fall. Order online or stop by this Saturday to pick up yours. Note: supplies are limited

Tag a friend you'd want to sped the afternoon with, kicking back and masking. What beverages and treats do you bring to your at-home spa days?

Image of pumpkin to promote pumpkin facial masks at Tuscany Spa
Pumpkin time at Tuscany Spa

So do you need more than an at-home mask? Then get yourself a rejuvating facial at Tuscany Spa. Book online or call 818.248.5400

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