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3 quick steps to prevent sun damage

This is the start of my "beat the heat" series. In this post I'm sharing tips on how to prevent sun damage and 3 things you need in your daily arsenal.

" 'Twas the first week of summer and all through my home,

not a creature was stirring, for 'twas too hot to roam."

- Michelle's heat-induced terrible rhymes

Preventing Summertime Sun Damage

The sun feels good on the skin while creating damaging free radical oxidants. This breaks down our skin, speeds the aging process and leaves us looking worse.

The challenge is to enjoy our time in the sun while reducing the damage it causes. Here are 3 simple steps you can do today.

1. Hats, Hats, Visors and Parasols

The first step is to reduce the amount of UV light that hits your skin. So hats, wide brim visors and parasols all keep the sun off of our face and neck. The trick is to ALWAYS have a hat or parasol on hand.

Did you know? You reverse the benefits of your pricey spa or medical skin treatments after only 10 minutes of direct sun!

Gardening hats have a good UV rating and aren't expensive. Wide brimmed visors are great, but not if your scalp shows through your hair. Visors will allow heat to escape off the top of your hair covered head. Check they have a UV protective rating.

Parasols, the Hat Alternative. Parasols are a sun umbrella that reduce the UV that hits your skin. Since they aren't sitting on your skin you get better airflow and help you feel cooler. A few years ago I found this was helpful at a Renaissance Faire I attended.

Michelle, female in brown hat with her small white dog sitting in front her
Me in my hat with Lily Pup on my lap

Buy lots of hats, visors or parasols!

Leave one in your car. Leave another at work for your breaktime walks. Have a hat, visor or parasol with you EVERY DAY. And wear it, even if its only a 10 minute excursion.

Bonus: Accessorize your outfit with the variety of styles and colors available. Get a bold one and use it as your accent piece.

2. Daily use of broadspectrum SPF15+

The difference in UV protection between a Spf 15 and 30 is about 5%. With my pale, easy to burn skin, that makes a difference.

But the real issue isnt the spf number, it's how much you use.

Use only a fingertip size of spf? It doesnt matter if its an Spf 15 or Spf 50, your protection goes down to an Spf of 5. YES, FIVE.

How much Sunscreen should you use?

  1. Face and Neck Only -use a third of a teaspoon or nickel size dollop.

  2. Face, neck, back of the neck, ears and décolleté = use two thirds to a full teaspoon or two nickel size dollops.

  3. Hitting the beach? You need a full shot glass, or ONE (1) FULL OUNCE, of sunscreen for your face and body.

REMEMBER TO REAPPLY EVERY 2 HOURS. Especially if you're outside, driving or by a window, you're constantly bombarded with UV rays.

Re-application of Spf is easier at the beach or on vacation, but not at work. So use a powder sunscreen, this helps top off your UV protection without the mess. There are several options on the market.

NOTE: Powder SPF are NOT fda recommended as your primary spf. A lotion based spf can guarantee the product is on the skin and protecting it. Use powder spf only as a re-application.

Side Note: I've tried a number of over-the-counter sunscreens. But the broad spectrum mineral sunscreens feel thick and leave an obvious texture, or film on the skin.

That's why I prefer the salon brands. Recently I found one from Liaf Collective that I love. It quickly blends into the skin. It's lightly moisturizing, so I can skip my morning moisturizer when I'm in a rush. Has delicate vanilla scent that's soothing to the senses. Plus, I can skin a foundation when I use their tinted spf 30.

Contact Liaf Collective to try them out- untinted and 5 tinted shades of Bion Spf30.

3) Prevent damage with topical Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C serum applied to the skin is a amazing way to prevent UV damage.

  • It boosts the effectiveness of your sunscreen.

  • Reduces appearance of UV damage .

  • Prevents sun induced redness and sensitivity.

  • It also speeds the healing of UV and environment damaged skin. When I burn myself on the stove, I grab my Vit C serum. One drop and I don't blister, redness fades quicker and skin heals faster.

  • A night-time application soothes the skin especially when you've been out too long.

How to Use:

  1. Apply 1 to 2 pumps of Vit C Serum on clean, dry skin

  2. Apply to your face, neck, back of your neck and décolleté.

  3. Follow with your hydrating serum or moisturizers.

  4. Then apply your Spf

Night time only:

Ready for summer? Get your hats, visors and parasols. Grab a couple of bottles of your fav broad spectrum Spf. Pick up your topical Vitamin C serum. NOW you're ready for summer.

The "Beat the Heat" series continues with the secrets to taking care of apres-sun exposed skin. Amazing Post Sun Spa treatments. And great tricks to get you ready for summer vacation while simplifying your life.

Until the next blog,


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