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50 reasons you need a relaxing spa day

50 reasons you need a spa day.

Women getting a spa day.

1. The kids are driving you crazy.

2. Its spring break and YOU need a break.

3. You're feeling underappreciated at home.

4. The house is a mess again . . . two hours after you've cleaned it

5. Your body hurts from carrying the kids forgotten toys, electronics, books, snacks, . . .

6. Your shoulder is out of whack from lifting your youngest, grocery bags, work stuff, life.

7. The headache isn't going away . . . for another decade at least

8. Your back is hurting because, well, kids.

9. You love your kids. Some days more than others.

10. You're feeling tired especially when you watch those little dynamos in your life.

11. You haven't treated yourself in a long time.

12. You don't remember the last time you slowed down.

13. Smell the roses? What roses? When do we have time for that?

14. Forget back aches, you have back agony.

15. Isn't back pain something you accept as senioritis when you're 30?

16. This isn't your neck lurching forward, you're examining the ground. Right?

17. You love how you can file your fingernails on your rough skin.

18. You like that your cat enjoys rubbing against your scratchy face.

19. You believe your back's destiny is to be bumpy, rough and knotted.

20. You've forgotten how to do "me-time".

21. You only spend $50 for a spa treatment in April during 50/50 Taste of Tuscany Week.

Wait, WHAT?!? Fifty bucks for an awesome Tuscany Spa Facial, Massage or Back treatment? Forget reasons 22 to 50. It's time to book a Spa day!

Me-time, here I come!

Click right above to schedule your Me-Time.

In the comments share YOUR reason you need a spa day. What is your best reason to mark out time for yourself. Can't think of a reason? Ask your friends. I'm sure you're loved ones will kick your tush, with love, and encourage you to take your Me-Time.

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