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3 ways to simplify your vacation routine

I promise that I'm not decorating the spa in holiday ornaments this time.

Brick store front decorated in white lights framing two store windows and a small tree
Christmas in July? Again?

Some got a kick out of the Christmas in July display, most rolled their eyes at me. And sadly, it did not make the hot summer feel any cooler.

Had the fleeting thought to decorate the spa in "Every Celebration Under the Sun". But my team has concerns that the cacophony of colors would be chaos for the eyes. So we're skipping that.

Instead I'm keeping it simple and sharing vacation prep tips. And we'll be having flash sales on services and products this month. You'll get the notice if you've signed up to get our text and email marketing.

3 ways to simplify your vacation routine.

Not having to worry about makeup and face routines is a nice bonus when you're on vacation. But we still want to look fantastic and have great photos to share. Here are 3 ways to make your trip hassle-free and fabulous.

Close up of the eyes of Michelle of Tuscany spa after a lash lift and tint

Tip #1 - Get a Lash Lift n' Tint.

Our Lash Lift n' Tint uses your natural lashes and makes them look more defined and fuller.

Shorter lashes can look longer, thicker and more dramatic. Longer lashes will curl like eye defining extensions without the glue or extensions.

The Lash Lift lasts about 6 weeks. The dark tint is obvious for about 3 weeks. So plan your appointment a few days to a week before your vacation.

Close up of two womens' eyes and eyebrows

Tip #2 - Give your eyebrows a professional definition with a Brow Arch appointment.

Your brows will look super sharp for two weeks before you need to worry about any stray hairs. Plus we'll teach you how to do a touch up to keep them looking pristine.

And great brows define your eyes and face.

NOTE: Brow Arch isn't only for models. We also offer it for men and those wanting a more natural brow. We "open up" the eyes to accentuate your natural good looks. All without giving you an over-styled brow.

woman in straw hat, her bare legs dangling over the blue pool water

Tip #3 - Skip daily shaving with Body Waxing.

Remove unwanted body hair with sensitive skin waxing. Our gentle yet effective wax, removes the fuzz with minimal discomfort.

Plus you can be fuzz free for 4 to 6 weeks - depending on the frequency of your body waxing appointments.

Schedule a Body Dip appointment all over waxing. Or pick areas that bug the most. Undearms, legs, bikini line, arms. We do it all.

Need a great esthetician? Book an appointment with Liaf Collective.

When scheduling Lash Lift n' Tints, Brow Arch or Body Waxing there are a couple of points to remember.

  1. Do not have excess sun exposure 24 hours before or after your appointment.

  2. Do not use steam room or heat 24 hours after your appointment.

  3. Avoid getting your lashes wet 24 hours after a Lash Lift n' Tint

  4. Avoid irritations for 24 hours after body waxing. This includes chlorine pools, excessive sweating, gyms or workouts.

  5. Plan your appointments to be no closer than 3 days before a special event or vacation.

PPS: Check out our "BEAT THE HEAT" series. First installment is how to prevent sun damage and premature aging from UV damage. Follow the series at

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