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Protect & save your skin in ONE need-to-know step.

Did you know you can fight pre-mature aging & protect your skin by adding just 1 simple item to your daily routine? Plus anytime is a good time for a facial but this summer you get a popular specialty mask, that is all the rage, for FREE!

California beach with 2 sun bathing women that need our Summer Sizzle Facial ....NOW.

Sunscreen is essential during summer months.

While we remember to apply, and reapply our sunscreen it's also important to add an antioxidant to your daily routine. (You make an esthetician happy every time you protect your beautiful skin.)

We also need to fight against free radical damage.

Vitamins C & E, and CoQ10, are powerful antioxidants that neutralize the free radical damage which cause dark spots, fine lines, premature aging and even redness. Free Radicals are created when oxygen "steals"an electron from an atom. The resulting atom is highly unstable and can start a chain reaction of cell damage, often reducing a cells ability to function or just killing off cells.

It's easy to increase our skins' protection.

Just a few drops of Pelasante's Advance Vitamin C Brightening Serum can protect your skin against free radical damage. Added benefit: use it after a mild sunburn to help speed up the healing process and reduce possible skin blisters.

And we must continue to improve our overall skin health.

With all the fun in the sun; getting overheated, swimming and sweating, we have to use our SPF more frequently. Summertime fun can cause an oily skin have an increase oil production and breakouts on the face and back. Dry or mature skin is prone to dehydration due to water loss from sweat, heat and sun. This makes summer the perfect time for a facial or body treatment.

Get the Natural Summer Sizzle Facial.

Tuscany Spa's "Natural Summer Sizzle Facial" incorporates rich enzymes from summer fruits to clear and brighten. Plus this month you get the gift of a Moisture-Surge Specialty Mask; also known as the popular Korean Rubber Mask.

Add a FREE Moisture-Surge Specialty Mask

Enhance your Natural Summer Sizzle facial with a Moisture-Surge Specialty Mask.

Just book your "Natural Summer Sizzle" facial by July 31st and we will upgrade your facial for FREE. Come in and discover what the buzz is about.

Also remember to give your body some TLC.

The best way to improve your summer sport skills is to help your body move & perform better with a Restorative Massage. Plus a Back "Facial" will help clear up back acne. So book your face and body treatments today. Michelle & Diana (PS: Thank you Diana for your help with this write-up. It's easier to edit then create from scratch. I guess summers' lazy days are gettin to me too.)

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