Can finding skin cancer need a simple blood test?

Can a blood test find melanoma?

Scientists at Edith Cowan University in Western Australia tested for antibodies.

These antibodies are typically created in response to melanoma.

Researchers studied 245 people. Approximately half with early stage melanoma and half healthy volunteers.

The Researchers published their findings this summer in Oncotarget. Their 3 year study found that a combination of 10 antibodies are the best indicators of melanoma. The study had a 79 to 84% accuracy.

These Australian researchers may be the first to create a blood test to detect melanoma.

But to make this a useful diagnostic tool, the blood test needs to have a 90% accuracy rate.

And once detected, the patient would need a biopsy to confirm the diagnosis. But a non-invasive blood test would allow for earlier diagnosis and that could save lives.

In related news:

Another study showed promise using blood tests to detect other cancer tumors of the:

  • ovary,

  • liver,

  • stomach,

  • pancreas,

  • esophagus,

  • colorectum,

  • lung and

  • breast.

So it may be another 5 years before a blood test can detect melanoma with 90% accuracy. And more research needed before blood tests could be in wider use for cancer diagnosis.

In the mean time, perform your monthly self-check. And visit your doctor about any changes to moles, freckles or unusual healthy skin. Check out my post on skin cancer self-check for more info.

Early detection of melanoma saves lives and it's removal is less traumatic on your skin and body.

Would you take a blood test to detect cancer? Please let me know what you think about this in the comments?

Then share this post with your friends. Because even with wide-scale use still 5 years away, this is good news to share.

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