Why your SPF 50 is only giving you an SPF 5

Did you know that you may be only getting an SPF of 5 protection from your sunscreen?

Most Americans apply about a pearl-size or less of sunscreen on the face and neck. But if you apply that small of amount of sunscreen, your actual protection factor is only SPF 5! This is true if you're using an SPF 15 or an SPF 50.

Why is your sun protection factor so low?

Because the SPF rating is "dose dependent". That's the fancy way of saying "HOW MUCH" you apply is important. The SPF ratings are based on a teaspoon of sunscreen being applied to the face and neck. A TEASPOON. For the body it is one ounce or a full shot glass.

Are you applying your SPF with your measuring spoon?

Probably not. But here is a good way to improve your sun protection factor.

1. Apply your usual amount of sunscreen. Let it absorb.

2. Then immediately re-apply a 2nd layer of sunscreen. And let that absorb

This 2 layer system will give you better protection from the elements.

Don't forget your ears and the back of your neck.

Giirl under umbrella in the sun

Even with the right amount of sunscreen,

it may not be enough on its own.

Especially if you are outside gardening, hiking, swimming or just driving, then sunscreen alone is not enough. These are the 5 steps you need to take to protect your skin daily:

  1. Apply a full teaspoon of sunscreen to your face and neck, you will also need to: