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Did you know that your face oil is making your skin drier?

Face tips - single oils may be causing your skin dryness.

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Here is why.

The first few times you applied your face oil it felt soft and nourished. But now your skin feels dry. The surface is rough to the touch. And it looks worse than before. Why?

If you're using one of the popular single oils as your face oil you're doing your skin a disservice.

Your natural oil - aka sebum, is a balance of fats, lipids and cholesterols. But a single oil does not have the right ratio of these three. It feels great at first. But overtime the imbalance stresses your skin, damaging the skin barrier. This leads to rough surface, redness, irritation and drier skin.

What to do?

Toss your favorite oil? No. But you need to use it sparingly.

Use your oils to seal in your moisturizer, layer it over top as needed. But using as your sole moisturizer is not working!

Stop in or email us for a virtual consultation recommendation. We'll get you on the right TuscanySkinSpa moisturizer and get your skin back in balance.

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