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Restorative Massage

When we were creating our spa services, my mom and I combined our skills. As an Esthetician my focus is on creating unique, custom created treatments. My mom is a Cidesco Zurich European trained Esthetician and massage therapist.

Our Restorative Massage combines European skills will American know-how.

As massage clients, we've noticed many spa massages are repetitive routines. They follow a path without any attention paid to areas of discomfort. These massages are pleasant. But both mom and I felt little improvement afterwards.

We wanted MORE. More than simple relaxation. A massage treatment that focused on the client. On specific needs and concerns. A massage that made a difference in the body.

Tuscany Spa's Restorative Massage is a customized, client-focused, body massage.

Client getting a massage

The Restorative Massage combines gentle relaxing massage, firm swedish and heat therapy. This combo is both relaxing and restorative. A great way to reduce muscle knots and aches without feeling bruised or overworked.

Plus a Restorative Massage is a great way to get your body started with therapeutic bodywork. Your massage therapist can get you in better shape. And then they can add on enhanced treatments if it's of benefit to you and your body.

Enhancements we offer include: assisted stretching, hot stone massage, deep tissue/MFR or sports massage.

cat getting petted

If you're looking for a massage where they pet you like you're a kitty can, then DON'T come to us.

If you want a massage that's relaxing and therapeutic, then

book a Restorative Massage!

Restorative body masssage on the leg

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