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DIY body care tip

What do you do when your legs feel like rough tree bark? And you're on vacation with none of your delicious Gly Body Cream to smooth it away.

collage of woman with neck, back pain, mint, tennis ball and massage.

You do what I did.

Make a vacation quick-scrub.

  • Take a sugar packet.

  • Empty it your palm

  • Add body wash.

  • Then scrub your tree bark legs with your homemade scrub.

Not safe for your face but a good, quick body scrub in a pinch. The sugar will be too rough on the delicate and more sensitive skin on your face and neck.

Try this at home and let me know how it worked for you.

Then share this with a friend that'll enjoy this tip.

Our Gly Body Cream can be used from decollete to your toes. All you do is apply it before bed. The next morning wash with your fave body wash and a reusable, exfoliating Exfolia cloth. You'll feel the difference! Your skin will feel smoother and better hydrated.

Over time this combo will lighten the appearance of dark spots for a more even skin tone. Improve the appearance of aging hands and arms too.This combo will turn back the hands of time.

We offer a money back guarantee on all TuscanySkinSpa products, including Gly Body Cream. If you have any negative reactions or allergy to our skin and body care line we will always take a it back. note that TuscanySkinSpa skincare was formerly called Pelasante skincare.

Stop in the spa to pick up your Gly Body Cream and Exfolia cloth. Or use these links to order your product online with FREE Shipping.

collage for sept $60 special of facial, pumpkin, massage and hot chili peppers.

This week we're offering our September Spice Facial and Massage. Instead of sugar we'll use its cousin - glycolic. This will smooth and brighten your skin. A great way to give your skin a healthy glow.

Give yourself a quick get-away during your lunch hour - melt stress and treat your skin to a Pumpkin Sice facial. and relax a way the stress. Book Now at TuscanySkinSpa

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