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Fire, smoke and ash - you need to detox Now!

Huge clouds of fog and ash are a terrifyingly powerful image of a fantastical world.

This was the world I was immersed in while reading a wonderful young adult novel. One of the many benefits of my recent vacation was an advance copy. Little did I realize I was not the only one "drowning" in this "world".

I've spent the past week at comic con.

I immersed myself in the imaginative and varied universes of comic-book, novel and movie creators. The power of imagination was evident not just in the presenters but also in the attendees' costumes.

The buzz of energy was electric.

Fascinating, instructive presentations thrilled my analytical mind.

The information shared by the authors, illustrators & producers was not just for artists but useful for small businesses as well. All week I've been furiously typing notes from all these panels And my list of "top 10 tips for small businesses from San Diego's Comic Con" has already ballooned to 20. When I get the list under control I will post it on our Facebook page. (Like our page to get the info.)

And I enjoyed beautiful So. Cal's city of San Diego.

Despite the heat, muggy weather, large crowds and underwashed masses (being dipped in antipersperiant & deodorant would still not have helped), it really was lovely.

Then Saturday evening I was shown a horrible image.

A fellow comiccon'er showed me picture of a huge cloud of smoke and ash spewing over his North Hollywood neighbourhood. With of all the wonderful experiences, images and knowledge, my little cocoon of happy was ripped open. The image was terrible proof my friends were choking on raining ash and fogs of smoke.

My last experience with horrible fires was 6 years ago;

when I could see the shroud of smoke from my backyard. Los Angeles' beauty was marred by fire - leaving devastation and creating havoc on our health. For months afterward the effects were evident in the clients we saw.

Everyone suffered from the toxic after effects.

At the spa all Aqua detox Foot Baths filled with black, pernicious particles. My clients skin had ash-induced clogs that became so impacted we may as well have been chipping cement out of their pores.

So taking care of ourselves now is even more important as we continue to be inundated by noxious fumes.

To speed up the skin's detoxing Tuscany Spa's Alison, R.N. has created the "Get the Ash Out" Facial. Our Tuscany Choice "Get the Ash Out" facial is perfect for you face, neck and decollete. But I encourage to take care of your whole body.

Choose one or more of our detoxifying services to get your skin & body back in balance:

Tuscanys Choice "Get the Ash Out" Facial

  • Natural Deep Pore cleansing & detoxifying facial

  • Clears congestion before it becomes it become "cemented" into the pores

  • Rebalaces, rehydrates & rejuvates the skin

Aqua Detox Foot Bath

  • Full body detox thru your feet

  • Holistic body rebalance

Infrared Sauna and Body Scrub treatment

  • "Bullet-proof" your immune system

  • Efficient whole body detox through perspiration & exfoliation

Restorative Massage with Heated Himalayan Pink Salt Stone

  • Detoxifying benefits from 80+ nourishing & skin replenishing minerals

  • Healthy negative ion potential ignited when heated

  • Deeply relaxing and invgorating

Acupuncture - Body Detox

  • Adjusts & suppoirts entire bodys' detoxification pathways

  • Regulates lymph system which carries away debri, broken cell byproducts

Now is the time to take care (even better care) of yourself!

Don't Delay. We've learned from experience the longer you wait the tougher it is get the body back in balance and the skin clear. So get your skin and body back in good health - Book your detoxifying spa services TODAY. Stay well, Michelle

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