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Dangers of Techie Neck

The perils of the modern age

child weighed down by heavy back pack

We live in an amazing time in history. Connected to friends and family around the world, we can communicate in seconds. Share major events, have video coffee chats, stay close in spite of the miles. But the perils of our modern age are damaging our health.

If you're currently in school or a parent you know about the problems with backpacks. The way it weighs down the shoulders, spine and back. Teens and adults hunched over cell phone share the same spinal curve. And in our computer age it's not uncommon to roll forward while we type.

All this does is roll our spine, from neck to mid back, forward. Roll our shoulders forward. Put us into a "defeated posture". And causes long term harm on our body.

Did you know that seniors with the same rolled forward defeated posture cant walk or drive? Why? Because this posture throws off the body and puts the center of balance too far forward. Also according to Ofir, CMT, RN, our necks pushed forward can add an extra 43 pounds of weight on our spines. OUCH.

What You Can Do 1. Roll your shoulders back.

My upper back and shoulders pain come from my shoulders rolled forward. This puts a strain on my body. Rolling my shoulders back opens up my posture. I have to remember to do this WHILE I'm typing this email. 2. Reverse Stretch

According to Lori D, physical therapist we need to stretch in the opposite direction of our work. Which means I'm leaning forward over my clients during facial. So I need to open up in the opposite direction at night. This can be uncomfortable, even painful. So you'll need help loosening up those knotted muscles. 3. Get a Techie Neck Massage

Massage helps loosen up tightened, stiff muscle and fascia. Our techie neck massage uses a couple of massage styles including Shiatsu. A shiatsu massage incorporates pressure points to relieve pain and reduce knots. Focused along the spine in makes it easier to open up and stretch every night. 4. Get a Techie Neck Chinese Medicine

When I feel pain during a movement or stretch my first reaction is to stop. But that doesnt help my body. So a Chinese Medicine treatment helps reduce pain and stimulate repair. The Techie Neck Chinese Medicine session may use both acupuncture and cupping. This focused method of healing makes it possible to move without pain.

When using all 4 methods, you can remodel your body. And according to physical therapist Lori D the body a has a remarkable ability to remodel itself. Even for her senior patients. But it takes time and effort.

We'd love to hear which stretches work for you. Share them here, send me an email or share them on our Tuscany Spa Facebook page.

NOTE: during September we're offering three techie neck $50/50 minute services to combat to improve, repair and rebalance our skin and body. Click here for more info: September Specials

woman in pain, neck and shoulder

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