When smoke gets in your eyes ...

... skin, nose, lungs and everywhere.

The opaque smoke screen has moved off but we can still smell the fires. The ash isn't falling from the sky now, but our bodies are still struggling with the ongoing damage.

I've been struggling with sore eyes, painful sinuses, headaches and irritated skin. This began when the massive California fires started.

I have no control over the fires. Our brave firefighters are busy battling it. But I know the secret to taking back control of my body, skin and wellness. Here's what I've changed that has made all the difference.

pair of eyes


Smoke is irritating to the eyes. They feel gritty and sore. Eye drops help but don't clean out the smoke as much as you need. I recommend a daily eye wash. It refreshes tired eyes, calms sensitivity and cleans out smoke, ash and debris.

I use Bausch and Lomb Advanced eye relief eye wash. It's a saline eye wash with an eye cup. And it's a great way to not only rinse the eyes but also the lids and lashes.

man smelling wine


My sinuses are sore, slightly bloody and causing these headaches. What to do? Saline to the rescue. A saline nasal spray is a great way to clear out the sinuses and reduce the nasal irritation.

A physicians assistant recommended a neti pot or neti bottle. It's also a saline nasal wash and it works even better than nasal sprays. A couple of times a week to once a day has worked well for me.

Sinuses part 2

If you're having unexpected bloody noses there's another step you can take. Here's a recommendation from a friend, that came from her doctor.

  1. Put a dab Neosporin to a cotton swab (q-tip).

  2. Swipe the swab around the inside of each nose.

  3. Don't go deeper than the head of the cotton swab.