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Simple 4 step routine I shared with client this week.

This is an email I recently sent to one of my newest clients. She's suffering from acne. She's gone back to school so her time is limited. So this routine only requires 3 quick steps morning and night to make a huge difference in her skin.

I recommend a 4 step - Cleanse, Correct, Hydrate and Protect routine. That is how I've written your recommendations. To keep it simple and effective for you I've also combined some of those into a single step. Please look this over and let me know if you have any questions. Michelle

Morning Routine: Cleanse - Use a mild cleanser for sensitive or combination skin. I recommend either our Cleansing Milk for sensitive skin or Soothing AntiOxidant cleanser for UV exposed skin. How to use:

  1. Apply cleanser to dry skin and spread it over your face, neck, decollette (upper chest).

  2. Add water to your skin and emulsify your cleanser.

  3. Dampen your facial sponge, or soft washcloth, with water. Rub the sponge with gentle circular motions over the cleanser. This gets your cleanser deeper into your pores for a better cleansing. Don't rub hard, keep it light.

  4. Rinse well. Wash out your sponge and allow it to dry.

Correct -

ICE your face for a minute or two. Use our Arctic Ice Roller. Or freeze water-filled balloons for this purpose. Icing will reduce swelling, redness and make it easier to for blackheads to come out of the skin. Then wash your Arctic Ice Roller with soap and water, or wipe with alcohol. Put it in the freezer for next time.

You can also spot treat a big breakout if needed with Benz Acne Treatment Gel. Remember to always wash it off, never leave it on all day. But it's better to use spot treatments at night.

Hydrate- Option 1: Use a light moisturizer, aloe vera or silicone-based are better for acne-prone skin. Skip any oil based moisturizers as they tend to create more clogs and blackheads.

I recommend either our Sheer Oil-Free Moisturizer with Aloe Vera base or the Arctic Antioxidant Hydrogel with cloudberry and snow algae to calm and soothe. Hydrate and Protect:

Option 2: Or you can skip this moisturizer and use a sunscreen with moisturizing properties. Sheer Perfection BB cream SPF 50 is a combination of sunscreen, moisturizer and "makeup". Plus it has a matte finish. Your skin will be shine-free without visible redness.

If you want better hydration with your sun protection use the Anti-Photoaging SPF 50+ Sunscreen with Green Tea. It combines antioxidant hydration with powerful sunscreen protection and gives the skin a light glow. Also works well as a makeup primer.

Apply your sunscreen every day, rain or shine. Your breakouts already cause trauma to the skin that leave pigmentation and scars. You don't need to add more trauma from UV exposure

Evening Routine tip: Follow your routine as soon as is convenient because if you wait til bedtime you may be too tired to do it. Cleanse - Optional. If you're wearing heavy makeup, do a first cleanse using the same face wash and cleansing routine. And remove mascara and eye make up. If you're not wearing heavy makeup go straight to Correct.

Correct (option 1): Spot treat with Benz Acne Treatment Gel. Using a cotton swab, apply the acne gel to the larger, red breakouts. Especially if it has a white head. Leave on for 30 minutes. Then CLEANSE your face, neck and decollette (upper chest) with your gentle cleanser.

Follow the same cleansing routine:

  • Apply cleanser to your skin over the Benz Acne Treatment Gel. Spread cleanser over your face, neck, décolleté (upper chest).

  • Add water to your skin and emulsify your cleanser.

  • Dampen your facial sponge, or soft washcloth, with water.

  • Rub the sponge with gentle circular motons over the cleanser. This will get your cleanser deeper into your pores for a better cleansing. Don't rub hard, keep it light.

  • Rinse well. Wash out your sponge and allow it to dry.

Correct (option 2) If you're in a hurry and need an acne wash. Put a pearl size of Benz Acne Treatment Gel in your palm. Add your gentle face wash to your palm. Mix it in your hands then add to your face using the cleansing routine above.

Correct (important nightly step)

Remember to Ice your face before bedtime, focus on the worst breakout areas. Ice until your skin is cool to the touch, which is less than 10 minutes. You don't want to freeze your skin.

Note: You can ice before or after cleansing, with or without your creme on your skin. It works even if your skin's covered in mud. Just Do It.

Hydrate: Gly Elite Creme 10% is a nighttime moisturizer. It helps reduce breakouts and acne induced pigmentation or scars. And it has an antioxidant powerhouse to protect and repair UV damage. This is a perfect step to get acne, uneven skin tone and acne scars under control. One step to Correct, Hydrate and Protect from future damage. How to use:

  1. Apply a pearl-size of Gly Elite Creme 10% to your face, under your jaw and decollette. Note: your neck may be sensitive to the Gly Creme so you can skip the neck or apply it every other or every 3rd night.

  2. That's it. You're ready for bed.

Important info when starting with the Gly Elite Creme:

  • Use only at night.

  • Start using every 3rd night or every other night for 2 to 3 weeks.

  • Build up to using every night.

  • In the heat of summer (usually July/August) stop using Gly Creme for 4 to 6 weeks. (This applies to ALL Glycolic Acid products - you need to take a Gly Break)

  • During the summer gly

  • break focus on hydration. Use aloe, hyaluronic acid and/or antioxidants based moisturizers.

This is a simplified routine to get your breakouts under control with 4 products. You'll start to see a difference within a week and a big improvements in a month.

I recommend you get a facial one month after starting this routine. Why?

  • This routine will liquify hard, under the skin breakouts so they're easier to clean out.

  • It will soften the blackheads so they can be removed.

  • The red, swollen pustules will reduce so they can also be cleared out.

  • And an added bonus is your old acne scars and pigmentation will start to diminish.

  • One month is the perfect time for an Acne Clearing Facial to get to gunk out and get your skin back on the road to recovery.

You deserve clearer, smoother skin. Working together we can make that happen for you.

Please contact me if you have any questions. Or Book your appointment with one of my acne specialists at Tuscany Spa.

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