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Sensitive skin with expert Alison, RN

Sensitive skin tips with Alison.

Alison, sensitive skin specialist started her journey as a sufferer of sensitive skin. Allergies, skin reactions, sun and product sensitivity - if it can cause a rash, then Alison has probably suffered with it. Her goal was to combat her own sensitive skin challenges and then help her clients do the same.

She retired from nursing but took her background into her skincare therapist career. As an esthetician she has helped her sensitive skin clients combat their own skin issues. And Alison is wealth of knowledge.

In this interview she shares her expertise and useful tips. If you or a loved one suffers from skin sensitivity then this is a podcast you need to hear.

Check it out. And then email your questions. Or for a more in-depth discussion and understanding of your skin, schedule a Skin Consultation and Skin Analysis. Available in person or virtually.

Enjoy the podcast.

Michelle of Tuscany Spa

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