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Can you shrink your pores?

Recently, I came across an ad for "pore-shrinking" lotion in womens magazine. Over the years I have seen dozens of products promising to shrink the pores.

Shrinking pores is big business. But is it possible?

Can you shrink your pores?

Smaller, almost invisible pores are the ideal for perfect, flawless skin. Unfortunately, you can't change the size of your pores. Why? Because pore size depends on the amount of sebum/oil that your skin produces. More oil production equals larger pores!

Is it hopeless? Is there is there nothing we can do?

NO! ... and YES!

NO, you can't change the actual size of your pores. But YES, we can make them appear smaller. And it's all about how it looks. So if your pores only looking smaller that's still good.

What is the simple trick to making pores look smaller?

Regular skin exfoliation!

Unfortunately. a scrub will not work to reduce appearance of pore size. They make skin feel smoother, remove rougher surface layer. This helps makeup sit on the skin better.

Scrubs don't "shrink pores".

Don't overuse a scrub. Too much can make the skin irritated and leave it rougher. Use gentle to moderate pressure when scrubbing your skin. Use scrubs no more than twice a week.

What works to "shrink pores"?

What works to shrink pores are AHA's and BHA's. Using an Alpha or Beta Hydroxy Acids (AHA or BHA) to exfoliate your skin creates a more flawles appearance. This is the active ingredient in many popular, and often over priced, "pore-reducers".

The reason AHA or BHA exfoliation are effective "pore-shrinkers "is due to how AHA and BHA work on the skin.

How Hydroxy Acid work to shrink pores?

  • An Alpha or Beta Hydroxy, AHA or BHA, work by removing the excess layers of dead skin cells that line the pore.

  • AHA's (fruit and milk sugars - eg: glycolic from sugarcane) unbind dead skin cells. AHA is water soluble so it's effective for dry skin, sundamaged skin.

  • BHA's (salicylic acid from white willow bark/aspirin) pull dead cells off the surface. BHA is oil soluble and so used for oilier skin.

  • The debris and dead cells that line the follicle wall makes your pores appear bigger and darker.

  1. Since AHA breaks down the "glue" holding together the dead cells.

  2. And BHA pulls dead cells off the surface.

  3. This clears out the pores. And makes your pores appear smaller.

A visualization of how AHA's work
Imagine your pore as a deep V. 
If you remove the edges of the V you get a shallower v.
So the pore looks smaller. 
And this is why fresh exfoliated skin appears to have smaller pores. 

Now that you've uncovered the "pore-shrinking secret you can get your own "pore-shrinking" skincare from TuscanySkinSpa. It's medical quality skincare sold at a reasonable price.

For teens and sensitive skin acne Daily Acne Wash by Tuscany Skin Spa is a gentle foaming BHA and AHA cleanser. Use daily for mild to moderate Acneic skin.

GlySal Acne Cleanser by TuscanySkinSpa is a stronger acne wash, great for severe facial acne and body breakouts Both contains BHA - Salicylic Acid as well as Glycolic acid AHA.

  • Glycolic Acid (original source is sugar cane) works well for oily to dry skin. It removes the glue that holds excess dead cells to your skin. It also helps deeper tissues of your skin hold on to more water.

  • The BHA used for this is Salicylic Acid (from the white willow bark or aspirin family). It is great for acne prone skin since it also reduces inflammation. But it can be too strong for a drier skin type.

For combination to dry skin the Glycolic Face Wash - is a daily skin smoothing cleanser. Or use as an exfoliating cleanser 2 to 4 times a week for drier skin.

Our Glycolic 10% Face Cream is one of our best sellers. It smooths texture. It reduces appearance of pores by cleansing out the pore debris. Brightens the skin tone. It contains skin hydrators and anti-oxidants too. So it's is an effective overnight moisturizer plus anti-aging cream. Gly 10% Face Cream fights against the appearance of large pores, uneven skin tone and premature aging.

  • A final note for my more sensitive skin clients. Since our Glycolic Acid is more potent you only need a thin layer. And it is effective even if you only use it 3 to 4 times a week. A more sensitive skin still gets all the benefits using it every other night. Alternate with a hydrating, soothing cream like Power Hydrator. Or with an anti-aging, nourishing cream like Overnight BioTherapy Night Cream.

Buy your Skincare Online at

Which Pore-shrinking products have you tried? Have you used a Glycolic or Salicylic product to "shrink your pores"? How often and what was the result?

I look forward hearing how our Glycolic Acid skincare helps you "shrink your pores" and improves your skin.

Michelle of Tuscany Spa.

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