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7 steps to heal itchy dry skin now

Fall face care tips

I was chatting with my colleagues today about this season and its impact. We found we've something in common - nosebleeds. Yuck. It's the dry weather.

And our nose isn't the only part affected. Our parched skin is feeling dry and itchy. Here are 7 steps to combating this season's dry skin.

External - Soothing from the outside in.

Treat the external symptoms of dry skin to help soothe irritation and itching.

Nostrils love Neosporin

This is a trick my friend Tammy got from her doc. Apply Neosporin on a cotton swab, wipe the inside and edges of your nostrils. The petrolatum ointment prevents the skin from getting dry and cracking. The antibiotics reduce infection. Apply daily as soon as dry weather or irritation starts.

Break up dry skin with broken up Hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid is popular now because it can hold a thousand times its own weight in water. The only problem is that it's a long chain molecule that sits on the surface. And this may draw water up OUT of your skin.

So if you break up the hyaluronic, aka fractionate, you get short-chain molecules. Short chain hyaluronic penetrates into the skin to hold water IN THE SKIN. So a combo of long and short hold water both to the surface and inside the skin.

In simpler terms, the Ultimate Hydrating Serum binds water moisture to the skin. Plus it contains peptides, mineral, and antioxidants. This prevents transepidermal water loss. It helps improve elasticity and firmness. Guards against free radicals. And conditions the skin to reduce excess oil. Great for All Skin Types.

One drop Ultimate Hydrating Serum on clean, damp skin is all you need. Use this link to buy yours.

Moisturize the dry air

With the air so dry any moisture on our skin evaporates. Add moisture, aka water, to the air to combat this. Use a humidifier, hot or cold, to add moisture to the air

Grab a humidifier, set it up to run for at least 20 minutes. You don't need it applied directly to your face. Have it in the room with you. Use it daily. Clean it according to manufacturer requirements. Before you store it make sure it's completely dry.

Internal - Healing from the inside out.

As we mature, holding onto hydration becomes harder. Here are 2 simple tips to improve your internal ability to bind water. Note: always check with your MD or nutritionist before changing or adding items to your diet.

Fat-Free equals less Hydration.

Increasing healthy fats in your diet is a simple step to improve hydration. Back in the day, we saw our clients on a fat-free diet suffer from severe dehydration. Why? Your body and brain use fats and oils as a lubricant.

Healthy fats include avocados, olive oils, fatty fish, nuts, even chia seeds. Check with your nutritionist for suggestions.

Boost your coffee with a collagen shot

A scoop of Besha collagen in my morning coffee leaves my skin supple and dewier. I forgot it for a couple of weeks right before the dry weather hit. That was foolish. My skin wasn't happy.

I started back a few days ago and I already see the improvement. The water binding collagen molecules help increase hydration from the inside out.

You can add it into any beverage - tea, coffee, juice or water.

Preventative - stopping dryness from coming back.

Getting your skin back in balance is the first step. To keep it in balance requires a couple of easy home care steps.

Polished perfection.

The Resurfacing Scrub used twice a week polishes the skin removing dead cell layers. Without excess dead cells clogging your skin you'll find your moisturizers work better.

Resurfacing Scrub uses plant-based scrubbing beads, glycolic acid, salicylic acid to exfoliate. Regulates oil, purifies and minimizes the appearance of pores. Enhances skin tone, texture and reveals the fresh complexion. Good for all skin types. For face and body.

I use it two to three times a week to polish off any rough skin. Follow that with a drop of Ultimate Hydrating Serum. Then I apply Fortified Moisturizer on my face to decollete - it hydrates like a richer cream but it has a lighter, skin-absorbing texture. I slather the Age-Renewal Body Cream with Retinol on my hands, arms and legs.

Seal in the goodness.

If you're using petrolatum or oils to hydrate your skin, you may being doing more harm than good. Both are used to seal in existing moisture and as a barrier against water loss. But neither petrolatum (vaseline) or skin oils add hydration into the skin.

My recommendation: apply your hydrating serums first, then moisturizers. Let them absorb. Then add your petrolatum or oil over top to seal in all the hydrating goodness.

Which of these 7 tips have been the most useful? Share this post with friends, because everyone will need a hydration boost this coming winter.

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