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Soothe dry, chapped lips

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Have your lips become dry, chapped or flaky recently? Mine too. It's annoying. And sore. Until I remembered my at-home soft lips treatment. This always does the trick. I've shared the Lip Soothing Treatment below. LIP SOOTHING TREATMENT

EXFOLIATE Using a damp Exfolia Cloth rub it over your lips and lip line with a soft gentle touch. This will remove the flaky cells and leave it smooth. Or rub a small amount of our Resurfacing Scrub over your mouth when you scrub your face. Be gentle, it contains plant cellulose for the scrubbing beads and aha. If you don't have an Exfolia cloth or Resurfacing Scrub on-hand you can use a damp soft bristle toothbrush. I find the toothbrush method too tingly and irritating for me but it will work in a pinch. Keep a light touch and don't go over the lips too often. (Exfolia Cloths are good for pigmentation too)

MASK Applying a hydrating mask for a few minutes will help sooth irritated lips. Pure Aloe Vera is a good choice, so is Full Fat Milk or Heavy Cream. If using milk take a few drops and massage it in. (Milk does a body, and dry skin, GOOD) You can also use our Detox Charcoal Mask - it's creamy and soothing. Great anywhere you have dry, rough skin. Rinse your mask and follow with your hydrating balm. HYDRATE A nourishing lip balm will absorb in well at this point. Apply a thin layer, rub it in, then apply a second coat. My fav is Miracle Lips. It is a holistic skin and lip salve with propolis. Miracle Lips Salve is both nourishing and healing. Great on cracked sensitive lips too. PROTECT

Create a barrier and seal in the hydration. For Day. Use a nourishing lip balm with an SPF. I like our Mango Lip Balm Spf 30 or Spearmint Lip Balm Spf 15- nourishing skin protectant with uv protection.

Get rapid relief for dry, chapped lips with natural remedies. Toss in your purse or pocket. Swipe over your lips as needed through out the day. Hydrate, nourish and protect your lips in one go. For Night. At night skip the Spf. Apply the Miracle Lip salve then cover with a thin layer of petrolatum or your favorite skin oil like jojoba oil. Exfoliate, mask, hydrate and protect is the 4 step Lip Soothing Treatment. And this is the season of sore, raw, chapped lips. Use this to keep your lips smooth. Let me know in the comments how it works for you.

Also, be kind to your friends and share this because friends don't let friends have chapped lips.

Have a beautiful day,


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