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Uncover more youthful, radiant and healthy skin with Glycolic acid

An Ingredient you'll love - Glycolic Acid.

Sugar cane is the original source of glycolic acid. In the 80's it revolutionized the skincare industry. Estheticians were finally able to make real changes in their clients skin. No longer was skincare just "hope in a jar."

Glycolic acid dissolves glue that binds the excess dead skin cells to your skin. Imagine your skin is a brick wall. The top layer is broken and dull but still firmly attached by the mortar between the bricks.

Now imagine you apply a solution that dissolves the mortar holding onto those old bricks. So you can easily remove that top layer bricks, revealing the newer, fresher layer beneath it.

This is how glycolic acid works,

It removes the dull, lifeless cells to leave your skin brighter, more radiant and youthful.

smiling youthful woman

How can you use Glycolic acid in your homecare routine?

Glycolic is a great ingredient in an exfoliating cleanser It'll gently remove excess dead skin cells. It is also a great way to enhance a face scrub. The combination breaks down the glue holding old, dry cells together and the scrub slough them off the skin.

A nightly Glycolic cream is another option. This is usually a stronger option than the cleanser or the scrub. And they can be used together as part of a night time routine. Glycolic creams are great for improving overall skin texture and tone. As well as improving the appearance of skin firmness.

Where can you use Glycolic Acid?

My mom jokes she's dipped herself in Glycolic Acid daily. But once you see her smooth 71 year old skin, you'll be tempted to do the same.

Glycolic body creams are a great way to reduce signs of premature aging on your hands and body. And all you have to do is apply it night. That's it.

I remember an amazing before and after pic. A man in his 60's with sun damaged hands used a glycolic body cream nightly on his right hand. Six months later the right hand looked was smoother in color and firmness; it looked like the hand of a 40 year old. The left hand was wrinkled, mottled and dull. Huge difference.

TuscanySkinSpa Glycolic 15% Body Lotion

If you hands are showing your age,

NOW is the time to start on a night glycolic body cream routine.

Are Glycolic Acid Face Peels good?

YES! Spa peels are stronger than your home care. They take your skin to another level of glow and smoothness. We can combine mild to moderate peels with our facials or as a stand alone treatment. There is no down-time. Which means no flaking, or peeling. Just radiant glowing skin.

Plus 3 days after a Glycolic Acid Peel your skin looks even better. Glycolic helps tighten the collagen weave in your skin, giving you a plumper appearance. You'll especially notice the improvement when you apply your makeup.

Should I stop using Glycolic Acid?

In the summer time I recommend taking a break from ALL exfoliating products for at least a month. So, yes, stop using your glycolic cleansers and creams for a 4 to 6 weeks every summer. Switch to topical anti-oxidants and nourishing moisturizers until summer gives way to fall.

Ready to get more beautiful skin?

Are you ready to add Glycolic acid into your at-home arsenal? Then it's time to set up a consultation appointment at Tuscany Spa. We'll analyze your skin and give you personalized recommendation.

Money back guarantee

Any TuscanySkinSpa product you buy has a 30 day money-back guarantee. If you have any reactions or sensitivities we will take it back. Because we're confident you'll LOVE how your skin looks.

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