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Embracing your grey? A killer look with 3 simple changes.

The latest trend

Have you heard the latest trend? Women are letting their hair go naturally grey. My longtime client Michele was in today. And her hair was gorgeous. Silvery, shiny and stunning. And she looked great too.

She shared that she had to change up her style to suit the new do. Got some great tips from her. No, no, I'm not heading to my 50th birthday and tossing out my hair color. Although it is fascinating. Because at some point it will look silly to keep my darker color.

Suit your skin tone?

wayne newton pic from apn news january 27, 2019 article

Remember pics of singer Wayne Newton. As a senior his hair color looked harsh and stark against his skin. A bit freaky. But if you see pics of him as a young man it was the exact same color. It no longer suited his as he matured. So it's something I'll have to think about.

Sensitive Scalp?

Also I've spoken to clients whose scalps were too sensitive for the color developer. One visit to the stylist they were fine, the next they had sores on their scalp. And changing developers, brands or strength, wasn't helping. I know the skin on the face and body thins, becomes more sensitive and reactive. So it makes sense it would happen to the scalp.

Stunning, unexpected results

My client Shauna came in recently with a stunning white fringe against her dark hair.( Oh right, gotta translate that to American). She has snow white BANGS. The back of her head remains dark. It's exotic. She had to let her hair go natural because of scalp sensitivity. But the result is lovely.

Hermina embracing the trend

Mom has joined this trend. She is now a blonde. She was born with black hair. Then toned it down, variations of dark brown to medium auburn. We watched our client Michele use low lights to go grey. Michele's recent visit to her stylist took 50 foils and 6 hours of her time. Hermina said heck with it, let's see if blondes have more fun.

Ways to go Grey

Lighten overall tone and color

Take the color down. So black to dark brown. Brown to light brown. Bring the whole tone lighter. Mom jumped from medium brown to bleached blonde. I'm not as bold. And I went blonde once. Mind you it wasnt on purpose, the stylist goofed. And it did NOT look good. Mom with her olive skin tone carries it well.

Determine your natural grey tone

The other way is how our client Michele proceeded. She left her hair uncolored for 3 months to determine her true tone of grey. Gold grey, white grey or silver grey. She's a silver fox.

Add in grey lowlights

Then Michele's stylist added silver lowlights in her hair. She continued for a year over several salon visits. Now Michele adds in a toner color every 3 months to keep the older bleached ends of her hair bright. And keeps it conditioned. This took her longer but her results are fantastic.

When I'm ready to go natural grey, I'll be having a long heart-to-heart with my stylist. Not today. But one day.

Grey requires 3 unexpected changes for a killer look.

With her silver grey hair Michele said she had to make changes in her make up and the color of her brows and lashes.

Fading away makes us look older

One giveaway of our age is that we look washed out. Skin gets duller in tone. Hair on our head, brows and lashes thin and fade. So the contrast in our face disappears. This lack of contrast makes us look older, washed out. The trick is to focus on our Brows, Eyes and Lips to look continue looking fabulous.

woman brushing her brows

1. Focus on the Brows

Pencil it in.

Penciling in her Eyebrows creates a frame for her eyes. Client Michele does this every morning. We carry Dual Ended Brow Pencils that works on all skin tones and brow colors, from pale to dark. The trick with a brow pencil is to defines and fills in the brows. It's not a heavy color but it looks like you have a shadow crated by thick full brows.

Eye Brow tint.

When the brow hair is blonde or white, it stands out against even light brow pencils. So a brow tint, even a light brown tint, makes the brows look fuller.

I'm seeing my brows go blonde. I don't tweeze them because I don't want to thin my brows. Because those white hairs... I mean blonde hairs, may not grow back. And I like my full brow look. A light to medium tint every 2 to 3 weeks is a simple way to keep my brows looking young and full.

womans eye and eye lashes

2. Focus on the Eyes

Eye Lash Tint

My lashes are going white. Just a few. But as time passes I'm seeing more and more. And an eyebrow tint keeps the lashes dark and frames my eyes. Every 5 to 6 weeks and they continue to look dark and defined. Better yet I don't need mascara. Which is a good thing, I'd look like Alice Cooper after a couple of hours performing facials. (Facial steamers and mascara are not a good match.)

Permanent Makeup

Did you see the after pics when I had the eye lash tattoo? A thin black line at the base of the lashes gives a nice definition to my eyes. It was sore to have it done. Eyes were a bit swollen for a couple hours. But I trust Gloria, the permanent makeup artist. She lives and works in Orange County. She also did my brows. Talked me into that one. But it keeps me from needing to pencil them daily. So it's all good. (If you want Gloria's info, let me know.)

Eye Lash Lift

This is the bomb. (hmm, wonder what the "hip" phrase for fabulous amazeballs is now?) Anyway, a lash lift takes lashes and gives them a semi-permanent upward lift.

Love, love, love how this makes the eyes look. The lifted lashes at the outer edge give a sharp definition. And I don't do lash extensions (I couldn't see to do my facials and they'd constantly smash against my glasses.)

An Eyelash Lift gives that glamours lash look. I'm overdo for one. Combining the Lash Lift with the Lash Tint saves time and money. I'm thinking I need to check Diana's schedule and get her to do her Lash magic on me...soon.

woman applying lipstick

3. Focus on the Lips

Richer color required

Soft, neutral lips color is a professional demure look. A look that Michele used for years. And one that doesn't work with her silver grey hair. She has switched to a darker, more robust lip color. I admit I stared at her mouth as soon as she mentioned this. It was a richer plum.

Classic Red?

I would have expected red. But a red lip color requires the right undertone. If you're ready for a bolder red lip color set up a consultation appointment with Karolina. She's our newest spa team member, both an esthetician and makeup artist. She'll go over your colors and show you what to look for.

We don't sell makeup, we sell makeup knowledge. And Karolina can do your Brow and Lash tint too.

Stylish Silver Fox Woman

Embracing the Grey

Seeing beautiful women around me embrace the grey has been inspiring. They're fully embracing themselves, their age and the wisdom that comes with it. I may not be ready for it yet but I know that when I am, I have these Silver Foxes and Blonde Mommas' leading the way.

So are you thinking about going grey? Have you noticed the definition and color in your face starting to fade? Share your stories and experiences.

And when you're ready for Brow Tints and Pencil, Lash Tints and Lifts, give us a call at Tuscany Spa. We're here to help you create your fabulous killer look.

And when you're ready for Brow Tints and Pencil, Lash Tints and Lifts, give us a call at Tuscany Spa. We're here to help you create your fabulous killer look.

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