Should you fear your SPF?

Should you fear your spf?

A recent fda report has blasted the news that sunscreen isn't safe. But was that the real results from the fda study, should we fear our sunscreen?

The simple answer is no.

Women at beach in the sun

Details about the FDA Study

The study chose 4 over the counter sunscreens that contain four chemical sunscreens. The 4 ingredients are avobenzone, oxybenzone, octocrylene, and ecamsule. And each of the sunscreens were a different formulation - 2 sprays, 1 cream, 1 lotion.

Twenty-four (24) participants applied the fda recommended amount of spf on 75% of their body for 4 days.

There are couple of problems with the study. Too few participants in the group. Too wide a variation and range of products. No control group. And the amount is not what we use daily. It may be close to beach vacation use, but the truth is we don't use enough.

Plus the FDA study concluded that they needed further study. And the results does not mean you should skip your sunscreen. Even the FDA wants us to continue to use our spf.

What to do if this study still