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7 Simple Sun Protection Tips

Here are your 7 simple sun protection tips. Important info to prevent painful sunburns, reduce skin damage and uneven pigmentation.

1. Basic Ingredient Info - what you need to know and why you don't need to fear your sunscreen.

2. Spf labeling - What you don't know about your SPF numbers that could hurt you.

3. Application tip 1 - why you need to apply your spf 20 minutes earlier.

4. Application tip 2 - The best way to apply your sunscreen and get the best, truest protection.

5. Application tip 3 - Reapplying your sunscreen and a non-greasy option.

6. Why a stylish hat should be in your future.

7. And a simple way to prevent blindness.

Basic Ingredient info:

Sunscreen ingredients are place into 2 categories - mechanical sunscreens and chemical sunscreens.

Mechanical means it sits on the skin, similar to a surface shield, rather than absorbing into the skin.

Chemical sunscreen means it absorbs past the top surface of the skin so it can spread and protect. Because of this chemical sunscreens are often water resistant and longer lasting.

But a chemical ingredient does not mean it's unnatural. Chemical sunscreen come from nature, from cinnamon and white willow bark.

A recent study created a false fear of chemical sunscreens. The study was too limited, without a control group and faulty. I'll go into more info about the inadequate study on another blog. But for now it's important to realize the fear generated by this study isn't valid.

Chemical sunscreens are safe. There are two limitations. One is our skins response to the ingredient. How does your skin respond to a product?

Second, restrictions placed by your vacation. Does your holiday location prevent specific ingredients in hopes of protecting their reefs?

Important note: There are benefits to using Vitamin C under a sunscreen. It's found to boost your sunscreens protection. Using the two together is an excellent summer routine.

SPF Labeling

The SPF numbers' on your bottle of sunscreen are based on using a full teaspoon on your face and neck. Or using one ounce - shot glass, for your full body. So if you want to get the actual spf rating on your bottle of sunscreen, you'll need to apply a teaspoonful.

Use One Full Teaspoon of Sunscreen on your face and neck.

That tiny fingertip dot of sunscreen most of us apply only gives an spf of 5. If we're lucky

It's important to note this amount applies to spf moisturizers and spf makeup too. So if you're using one of these multi-taskers as your primary sunscreen, then you need to apply A LOT of it.

Use a separate sunscreen. Because a full teaspoon of moisturizer will feel greasy and thick. And that amount of makeup with spf will look like a thick mask. We'd rather makeup enhanced our natural beauty rather than masking it.

Our popular light-weight, matte spf 50 sunscreen is great in place of makeup or as a primer. Check out our Sheer Perfection BB Cream Spf 50.

Application tip 1:

You slap on your spf, grab your bag and head to your car. Your skin's protected, right? Wrong.

You need to apply your spf 20 minutes before you head into the sun. Why?

You need to allow your sunscreen time to melt into your skin, absorb into the surface. Once it has done so, then it's ready to actually protect your skin from UV damage.

Plan ahead and apply your spf well before you need to head out.

Application tip 2:

How you apply your sunscreen is important, it guarantees you have even skin protection. Have you slapped on your sunscreen to your back, only to realize you missed a spot when you've got a sunburned neck?

Even application of your sunscreen is essential. Here's how:

  1. Put your teaspoon of SPF on your finger tips.

  2. Tap fingertips all over your face, neck and décolleté, leaving an even pattern of white spots.

  3. Blend in the dots to create an even layer. DO NOT RUB IN. Rubbing in spf will only RUB OFF your sunscreen.

  4. Leave the sunscreen alone to melt into your skin. After a few minutes blend in any remaining white spots.

Application tip 3:

Reapplying your sunscreen every 2 hours when you're out in the sun is important. Sunscreen will wear off, wash off or wipe off after a few hours. It's easy to do when you're at the beach or on a hike.

But if you're wearing makeup, it messes up your fine-tuned appearance and leaves it greasy.

Here's a quick way to reapply your spf without messing up your makeup. Use a powder sunscreen.

Powder sunscreen contain mechanical ingredients, so they're not waterproof. And it's not easy to guarantee you're getting an even application.

It spite of these limitations, powder sunscreens' a good option for everyday reapplication.

Why a stylish hat should be in your future.

You need other sun protection choices to prevent sunburns and reduce skin damage. A wide brim hat reduces the amount of sun that gets through. It enhances your sun safety.

It takes only 10 minutes to get a sunburn. If your sunscreen has worn off in spots, a wide brim hat will give you protection. Keep a hat handy. Leaving one in your car is ideal for those unexpected sunny moments.

A great thing about hats is you can get a variety at a steal. Or customize them to match your outfits. A stylish hat will set off your style while protecting your skin.

Note: protective clothing gives you the same UV protection for your body. There are no sunscreens that give 100% protection. Adding a hat and UV protective clothing enhances your sun safety.

A simple way to prevent blindness.

Did you know that blindness can due to sun damage to your eyes? Seniors are at risk of blindness due to years of UV eye damage. So sun isn't only a risk to your skin, it's a risk to your sight.

Sunglasses are not only a summertime essential. UV Protective sunglasses are important all year round. But we spend more time in the sun during our California summers. It's a good idea to have a couple of spare pairs of sunglasses.

Remember to keep an extra pair of sunglasses in your car. Since your windshield offers no UV protection.

Now you have these 7 simple sun protection tips so you can enjoy sunny days while keeping your skin and eyes safe. Which of these tips is your favorite? Let us know and share it friends.

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- Michelle

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