Simple steps when you have an allergy breakout to calm the skin

young womans face

Today I met a lovely woman whose face had erupted in itchy pus-filled acne. Tiny pus-filled white heads, black heads and red swollen bumps on two-thirds of her face. Lyla had occasional breakouts but nothing like this, until 2 weeks ago.

After our consultation I made a few recommendations.

  1. Switch to a mild homecare routine.

  2. Keep a food journal. Review what happened right before the flareup.

  3. Look for any changes in stress levels, skincare or routines.

  4. I recommended she should keep her appointment with her MD.

  5. And when her skin calmed I could perform facials and skin treatments to clear and rebalance her skin.

I've listed my detailed recommendations below. This information is useful should you encounter a similar situation. Please let me know if you have any questions and if this info was helpful.

Thanks, Michelle

young man with acne

Could it be food related?

Yes. But the itchy breakouts would be more of a skin reaction, sensitivity or allergy.

Food Allergy?