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Can your moisturizer be making your skin drier?

Womans skin - one half dry

Did you know that your moisturizer could be making your skin drier? Here is why? And a quick tip on how to check you favorite lotions.

Moisturizing lotions contain an emulsifier to give it a creamy smooth feeling. A small amount is effective. But if it contains too much emulsifier it turns the lotion into a daily assault on your skin. An excess of emulsifier works like a cleanser rather than moisturizer. No one would leave a cleanser on their skin all day. It leaves the skin dry and irritated. And you may be applying more drying emulsifier than a moisturizing lotion. So how can you be sure you moisturizer is not making your skin dry? It's a simple trick. 1. Take a pearl size of your moisturizer in your hands. 2. Rub your hands together vigorously as if your frothing your cleanser. 3. If your moisturizer has whipped up into a froth or foam, then that's proof it has an excess of emulsifier. And you need to find a new moisturizer. Here are several moisturizers I recommend.

Sheer oil free moisturizer by TuscanySkinSpa

One of our most popular moisturizers is the Sheer Oil Free Moisturizer for oily and acne skin. It contains a healing aloe vera base, deep hydration that absorbs in less than minute. Sheer Oil Free Moisturizer is $20 for a 4 month supply so ideal even for teens and pre-teens.

Power Hydrator contains powerful antioxidants to soothe skin especially after UV exposure. Great for sensitive skin. Leaves the skin hydrated without an oily feel. A quick absorbing moisturizer for face and body for oily to dry skin.

Enriched restructuring cream by TuscanySkinSpa

For painfully dry skin the Enriched Restructuring Cream is ideal. It has triple layer emollients, hyaluronic acid and ceramides to quench dry skin. Plus anti-aging peptides. green tea, reservatrol and caffeine usp to reduce visible fine lines and wrinkles.

For every Tuscany Skin Spa skincare product sold we'll donate to GCC Food Bank. Glendale Community College Food Bank helps our local struggling students. And every donation helps keep them fed and focused on their studies.

At Tuscany Spa we're happy to help you test out any of our moisturizers. And every product is guaranteed. If you have any irritation or allergy, we will always refund you for any product your buy at Tuscany Spa.

Set up a free product consultation appointment with our estheticians. Call us at 818-248-5500.

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