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Do this right now to calm painful muscle knots.

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If your shoulder is hurting all you need is tennis . . . a tennis ball that is.

A firm ball is a great way to reduce knots and give yourself a massage. A tennis ball works. A firm pinky ball works better. A body roller is better still. But all of these work on the same principle. Consistent, gentle, yet firm pressure against a knotted muscle will release the knots. And the first 4 words of that sentence are key - consistent, gentle yet firm.

  • Consistent = hold it for at least 3 minutes. Speed is not going to help. Giving the body time to relax will get you better and longer lasting results.

  • Gentle = don't beat yourself up. That just causes bruising and other problems. Using your body weight to gently press down is all the pressure you need.

  • Firm = a firm tool, such as tennis ball, placed on the area to open it up. Combined with the gentle pressure this firm tool helps open up the knots.

note: it's not about forcing the ball into the knot. You want to let the body relax into it. Trust me after 3 minutes you'll be surprised how much deeper that tennis ball will help.

Your At-Home Self Massage with a tennis ball.

A simple technique relieve body soreness, calm painful knots.

  1. Lay on the floor.

  2. Place the tennis ball under your sore spot, and rest on it.

  3. Let your body relax and rest on the tennis ball.

  4. Rest on the tennis ball for 3 minutes to loosen muscle knots and relieve pain.

Try this at home and share you results. Then share it with a friend that needs to de-stress and unwind.

Need more than an at-home massage? How about a focused massage on your neck and upper back? Or a full body massage with added time to focus on problem areas.

We offer a relaxing Restorative Massage, Deep Tissue Massage or Sports Massage. All are available at 60, 75 and 90 minute massages. All times are for hands-on massage work.

Which means we schedule 70, 85 and 100 minutes for each massage, respectively. This gives our massage therapists time to consult with you to customize each treatment. And time for you to dress and undress. Always arrive 5 minutes early to complete our update your client chart.

We also offer seasonal massage specials. A great way to to try out our massage therapists. And our sneaky way to get you hooked on our therapeutic body work.

Please share your questions or comments. I look forward to hearing your feedback.


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