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Did you know Deep Tissue should NOT hurt?

So have you had massages that left you unable to move for days after? Do you avoid deep massage work because you've ended up bruised and battered in the past?

During my interview with Taylor, CMT we discussed deep tissue massage. Her belief is "that if deep tissue massage leaves you in pain, the therapist performed it wrong".

Wow. Mind Blown.

Massage collage - cupping, hot stone, deep tissue massage

Check out our conversation in my first podcast.

Then tell me what you think.

Our massage therapists Ofir,RN,CMT, and Taylor are in agreement. Ofir explained that many don't understand deep tissue massage. Some think it's a painful, intense pressure massage.

The truth about deep tissue massage is that it's a slow, steady treatment focused on opening up knots. The slow, steady pressure encourages the body to let go and relax rather than beating it into submission.

So Deep Tissue is not about pain but allowing your body to release knots and tension in your muscles.

You may be ready for a deep tissue massage that FEELS GOOD and doesnt leave you hurting. Book your massage today at -

Share this post - friends don't let friends get beat up with bruising massages. And let me know if you have any questions. We're here to share our knowledge, experience and know-how with you.

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