How to easily heal the sun damage on your face

Spring and Summer in California are not an uncommon time to get a surprise sunburn. Of course in California, surprise sunburns can appear in any season. Sunburns are serious concern.

The biggest concern for me is not just the peeling but the DNA damage. DNA Damage leads to hyperpigmentation, aka dark spots, and pre-mature aging, wrinkles and fine lines.

(Premature aging is a fancy word for "OMG, why do I look so tired?").

Did you know there is a way to reverse and prevent the DNA damage caused by sunburns? Here are 4 at-home steps to combat Sun induced pre-mature aging. Learn how to easily heal the sun damage on your face.

sun damaged skin repair

#1. Gentle AntiOxidant Cleansing

If you get a sun burn or over exposes then Skip any foaming, exfoliating or scrubbing cleansers. Use a non-foaming, or mildly foaming face wash. It should containing anti-oxidants like green tea or reservatrol

Do NOT use a washcloth or rub hard. Keep it light and gentle. If it still doesn't feel clean enough to you, go ahead and wash with the same cleanser twice.

TuscanySkinSpa Gentle Soothing Cleanser contains a high concentration of green tea. The cleanser is a nice cross between a foaming and milky cleanser so it has a light froth and rinses clean. Great for daily use.

#2. Immediately apply topical Vitamin C

A great secrets about Vitamin C is it healing for burns. Apply immediately after a superficial burn, including sunburns and stove top burn. It will speed up the healing, often preventing a blister and repairing damaged DNA.