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MicroDermabrasion your go-to treatment

Oldie but a Goodie.

I was looking at an old microdermabrasion brochure I'd created. These days there's more attention on laser treatments and vampire facials. But our microdermabrasion treatment delivers immediate results without a scary healing stage

Start your anti-aging HERE

"Microdermabrasion, the 1st step towards Anti-Aging & Recapturing your skins youth," states Dr. Lancer. Microdermabrasion followed by peels, are this doctors top two (2) got-to anti-aging treatments. He suggests having these treatments BEFORE getting Lasers, fillers and other aggressive treatments.

In my early days, I was trained by a leading Dermatologist

When Microdermabrasion launched onto the skincare scene I researched several techniques.

Some were so aggressive they caused bleeding. That's neither safe nor effective.

Others barely resufaced the skin. That's not worth our clients time or money.

But there was new medical microdermabrasion treatment was quite the rage. So I studied this treatment with Dr Moy and his nurse Debbie. I liked it, but it wasn't quite right.

We needed RESULTS and more.

We needed a microdermabrasion treatment that created incredible results. It needed to leave the skin clearer and more luminous. Without "down-time" or time away from work and life. It also needed to be a complete spa facial. Plus be affordable. Sounds like alot to ask but we've made it happen.

We designed a great treatment at a great price.

At Tuscany Spa, we created our perfect and complete Facial - The Tuscany Spa Microdermabrasion facial which includes 4 essential elements:

  • Epidermis Exfoliation and smoothing with Microdermabrasion,

  • Deep Exfoliating Rejuvenation with custom selected skin peel,

  • Deep pore cleansing to clear out congestion and acne,

  • and Intense Hydrating Relaxation with a specialty mask and refreshing, relaxing massage.

woman getting a facial

The Microdermabrasion Facial Treatment is a 90 minute spa service.

It leaves your skin smoother, clearer, and brighter in appearance.

Without irritation or excess redness.

You can go right back to work or pick up the kids, and everyone will comment on how good you look.

With Holiday parties, photos and gatherings coming up, NOW is the time to get a Tuscany Spa Microdermabrasion Facial Treatment. It's unlike anything you've had before. You gotta try it.

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