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5 Acne Myths you need to know

woman with acne pimple title 5 acne myths

Breakouts suck. It's not fun to have a zit on your nose that your sweetheart points out. (Yes this

happened to me. Ugh. My glare at him clearly said "I've not suddenly lost my eyesight." )

But the biggest acne myths can make even a simple break out much, much worse. Avoid these top 5 acne myths

1. MYTH = Add a HOT COMPRESS to a zit.

-NO. False. Stop. This makes a break out a huge swollen red "tumor". By increasing heat you increase blood flow and pimple size. It also increases chance of scarring.

Truth = ICE is your friend.

Icing down a pimple reduces the size, decreasing trauma to the surround skin. Plus it causes the gunk in your pores (aka hair follicle) to contract and pull away from the follicle wall. So it's not stuck in there and is easier to clear out.

Try this: our ARCTIC ICE ROLLER daily to calm skin and make facials easier on you.

2. MYTH =Get SUN to clear your breakouts.

False. Now it is true the skin seems better on summer vacation. But it's the salt water of the sea that makes the difference. Salt has some bacteria rinsing properties that can help. Also you rinse off more quicker after summer vacay activities than after the gym or sports. The sweat doesnt stay on the skin as long so less time to irritate the follicles.

Truth = Sun, especially longer exposure, causes damage. Your skin is already damaged by acne so this doubles the chance of scarring and poor skin.

Try this: Blue light therapy has shown reduced breakouts and faster healing. Our Follow up Acne treatment combines blue light to heal acne and kill the acne bacteria. This treatment is used in Acne Fight Club, info at the end of this post.

3. MYTH: SCRUB away the dirt.

False, false and false. It actually makes acne WORSE.

  • First, your skin is not dirty, no more than a non-acneic skin.

  • Second, friction or rubbing your skin can trigger acne bacteria leading to flareups.

  • Third, you can spread the pus and bacteria with scrubs especially if you have pustules -(gooey whiteheads).

  • Fourth - scrubs are for twice weekly use, NOT daily.

Truth - Exfoliate with a cleanser containing Glycolic, Mandelic or Salicylic acids. They will reduce dead skin cells which are the food for acne bacteria. Without friction to stimulate or spread the bacteria. Plus you can use an exfoliating cleanser daily.

Try this: GlySal foaming acne wash to gentle exfoliation. Contains both acne calming and clearing ingredients. Or Neutralyze Wash with Mandelic for more sensitive acne. Only available in the Neutralyze trio for $39

4. MYTH: "Use until you get the Desired amount of Flaking and Peeling".

False. These are directions on many acne products. And my answer to this the desired amount of flaking and peeling is ZERO.

Truth - Red flaking skin is a skin of irritation and inflammation. It's the last thing you want with acne skin.

(The exception is the use of Retinols, RetinA and Adapalene which can cause this reaction. Before starting on either of these please consult with me. - I'll give you my insider tips. Because my specialized usage technique can prevent this reaction.)

Acne products can be aggressive. It's best to start slow and build up. Start with one product for 3 days before you add a second. Also start with a gentler home-care routine. If you start too strong you're skin may flare up worse than ever.

Try: A skin analysis and consultation appointment at Tuscany Spa. We will go over your current home care. Recommend which ingredients you need to add now and what you'll need to add in the future. We'll also recommend the right at-home facial routines. Plus the spa treatments that are best suited for your skin.

5. MYTH: Stop eating Chocolate or Milk or Fatty foods or ....

False: There is not ONE universal food that either causes acne or causes flareups. The only exception is IODINE. A diet HIGH in iodine has been know to lead to increased acne.

But you breakout every time you drink milk? Then you may have a sensitivity to milk or lactose. That's one persons specific biology. It's not universal.

Truth: Each person has a unique set of food sensitivities and reactions. You need to discover your own.

Try this: Keep a food journal. When you get a break out or flareup, mark that down. Then look back 24 to 48 hours earlier. Mark what you ate. After a few instances you may notice a correlation. It's not proof of an allergy. But it may be a food sensitivity.

Want more info on food and it's impact on acne? Set up an appointment with our Wellness Expert - Dr. Karen Raub, OMD. A Nutrition consultation with Dr. Karen can help identify some like culprits. And get you on a better path, both for your acne and overall wellness.

To help you combat your acne we created our ACNE FIGHT CLUB.

This is a 7 month system that customized to your needs. It includes:

Acne fight club graphics by alex sarkissian

  • a Skin Analysis and Consultation. Customized homecare regimen that we keep as simple as possible.

  • Education on acne myths, truths and ingredients.

  • How to's on:

at-home facials, how to do your own skin extractions, what to do in -case of flare ups.

  • Twice a month Acne treatments to clear out your skin and treat it with acne healing blue light.

  • Plus 7 months of one-on-one with our Acne Specialists - to answer all your questions and concerns.

  • Schedule your consultation appointment to get started.

Want to sign up for Acne Fight Club? Click Here!

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