3 Wonderful Mothers Day gifts you know she'll love.

Treats for Mom

Moms have a tough job. Keeping the kids fed, clothed, housed and educated while trying to not to lose themselves in the chaos. As we mature some of us have our own kids. Others are aunts and uncles. And yet others are parents to furry-babies as I am.

Michelle and her itty bitty stripey kitty

Nine years ago I adopted a day old kitten. An itty-bitty-stripey-kitty. Bottle feeding every couple of hours. Encouraging it to go potty. Protecting a frail tiny feline. My husband said the kitten set off all my maternal instincts. Except I had a helpless baby for less than a year.

Most moms have decades of worry, and work ahead of them.

Did you know that Anna Jarvis, the founder of Mothers day, wanted to end Mothers day? She lamented how mothers day evolved into a purchased card rather than a well thought out letter. So how do we recognize the hard work of those you mothered and raised us?

How can you give a gift to celebrate moms hard work and the love she's shared?

Give mom an experience!

A day for herself. A day of self-care, self-love.

Give mom a spa day at Tuscany spa.

At Tuscany Spa, we have Mothers day gift for every budget. Here are 3 great gifts for mom.

1. Relaxed and pain-free with an Infrared Sauna session. Only $20.

Mom can spend 30 minutes in our Infrared sauna. And leave with her joints feeling limber, her muscles loose and body relaxed. A great way to jumpstart healing and get back into life.

She can listen to relaxing spa music or bring her favorite cd. We'll give her a gown to wear to sweat out the toxins. And when she's done she can cool off with a quick rinse before heading home. To enhance her experience we ask she calls ahead so we can preheat the sauna so it starts of warm and toasty.

Note: Not recommended for clients with high-blood pressure or severe claustrophobia. The sauna do