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3 Easy Unique Gifts ideas that make you a gift-giving Superstar.

During this time of the year I'm busy jotting down ideas for individualized gifts for each one of my loved ones. My silliest gift was one I gave to Momma Hermina that fulfilled her Christmas wish - She'd asked for a dummy duck. So I got her a whole basket-full of dummy ducks, rubber duckies and duct tape. The look of surprise was priceless. The laughter was even better. Creating a distinctive gift set is my way to give a unique gift. I add fun items my friends would love but that aren't the perfect gift by themselves. These gift sets are more entertaining and memorable without needing professional gift wrapping skills. Here are a few fun gift ideas you can use with Tuscany Spa Gifts Cards.

  • Do you have summer vacation plans with your bestie?

Add a Tuscany Spa Gift Card for body waxing with an Exfolia Body smoothing cloth and Self-tanning cloths.

  • Your beautiful mom-friend needs "me- time"?

Give her a facial with Tuscany Spa Gift Card, with Pure Cleanse facial cleanser & makeup remover, headband wrap, and an AyurMedic Natural Moisturizing Mask.

  • That high-powered exec in your life needs to wind-down?

Give them a Restorative Body Massage Tuscany Spa Gift Card, self-massage ball set and Spa Blends Natural Body Care Scrub.

At Tuscany Spa we make gift giving easy for you. Every Tuscany Spa Gift Card is gift wrapped with a yummy handful of chocolates. This way you give the Gift of Beauty and Relaxation with a sweet treat they can savor right away. For more ideas on unique gifts follow us on

Merry Holidays and Happy Shopping, Michelle

"The manner of giving is worth more than the gift." ~Pierre Corneille, Le Menteur

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