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Why I can't talk about your skin cells?

At the Cosmetic Chemistry UCLA extension class, we were told to NOT talk to you about your skin cells.

Diana and I spent 3 days in an intensive crash course on skin biology, cells, the effects of pollution and stress on skin, aging and acne. We also received a wealth of knowledge about ingredients that scientists have discovered can repair your mitochondria and protect your cells.

Because the FDA has very strict rules, we can't talk about it.

As estheticians we're only allowed to focus on the epidermis (top layer of skin) and on improvements that can be seen or felt. Anything beyond that and the FDA would be happy to fine us. Being a small, cozy spa is no deterrent to them.

Which means we have incredible information on ingredients that scientists have found to improve, protect and enhance your cells.

While I know how amazing ingredients, such as ergothionine, work on a cellular level, I can't share that info about my skincare & bodycare lines. Because any discussions of cells, cellular changes and deeper skin tissue improvements would mean I am making medical claims.

But what we can discuss are the visible surface improvements.

If you look at beauty ads you'll see the same lingo: reduce visible fine line, improve the appearance of wrinkles, create a more radiant glow. So remember when we are using the lingo we know how deep the improvements really go. We just can't tell anyone.

And yet, no one said I can't share the scientific studies.

So over the coming weeks I will be posting about different specific ingredients and the benefits discovered. While I can't make medical claims about MY products, I can still educate YOU.

So follow us on FACEBOOK,

where we'll post our ingredient updates.

We look forward to seeing you soon at Tuscany Spa,


Michelle and Diana at the Cosmetic Chemistry UCLA class

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