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$50 Tuscany Spa 50/50 Week Event is Back!

I'm back; but why is it hotter in LA than it was in DC and MD?
Michelle on her east coast vacation

My husband didn't join me because the expected muggy east coast weather sounded miserable. And, yet... Recently I overheard him admit to a friend that I actually had better weather than him. Why did that amuse me so much?

Of course, me being me, during my whole trip I kept the health of my skin in mind.

I simplified my skincare routine but the essentials where on my counter: Pelasante Advanced Vitamin C, Power Hydrator antioxidant soothing moisturizer and TWO sunscreens. Yes, Two sunscreens. Pelasante High Spectrum Spf was applied as skin protection and Ayurmedic Tinted Spf was in place of makeup to keep skin tone even and bright.

But inspite of all the Vit C and double layers of SPF, I'm still in desperate need of a peel.

During a video call with an old high school friend - (wave to Jen) her dad kindly said I hadn't changed a bit. Sadly I had trouble accepting the compliment because I couldn't help but see dry skin, dark spots and my old adversary's return - Forehead Melasma.

I know, I know, my esthetician is showing. It's just that a peel is the best way to slough off summer damage.

Keeping my skin protected prevented severe damage, so what has shown back up can be smoothed with a surface peel. The nice thing is that this surface peel will not cause flaking and peeling so when I see you next I won't terrify you with a zombie peeling face.

And I'm not the only one that can benefit, you need one too.

Yes, you. I'm sure you have been just as careful with your skin this summer. But the kids are back to school, you're back into your normal routine, so its time for you to give your skin a boost. You'll love how much brighter, smoother and more dewy your skin will look.

Take advantage of our September ONE WEEK ONLY $50 Deal

In just under 50 minutes you'll get a $130 facial peel for only $50.

Plus get a 50 minute restorative massage for a specific area for $50.

And just for September you can add on to your facial or massage our newest treatment: our Detoxifying Ear Acupuncture at only $30.

Tuscany Spa 50/50 Week is Sept 13th to 17th!

Book your $50 Deal NOW!

See you at the spa, Michelle

PS: I am planning on Livestreaming these services on our Facebook Biz page next week. So if you want to see a video of these amazing services in action, join our Facebook page. Of course it's simply my way to tease and coax you to schedule this treat of a deal for yourself. I know how much you'll love these services and will hate to wait 6 long months for the next one.

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