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Update on Michelle

Hello friends.

I'm responding to questions about my wellbeing and when I'm returning to the spa. So this update is to keep you in the loop.

striped kitten sitting on michelles shoulder and sniffing her glasses, michelle holding small bottle of kitten and peering at the kitten
Bottle fed kitten & I, 2009

My doc has me off of work for the better part of 2021. I had hoped to be back sooner, but that could be harmful to my recovery.

What I have is a spinal issue. The spinal cord at my neck has a pronounced 8mm bulge. So this prevents me from leaning forward or lowering my chin. As an esthetician, I can't lean over a facial bed as it irritates the spinal column.

I'm going through non-surgical options right now. But there's a chance I'll need surgery. Either way, I'm unable to work until we heal the injury.

I've promoted Nicole to spa manager, and she's been amazing. And everyone on my team has helped. I'm super grateful for my wonderful team.

My pup Lily & I, 2020

There will be a notebook at the spa so you can leave messages. I love hearing from you. And if you have any concerns, please contact Nicole. She's a great resource.

While I'm sad I wont be seeing you at the spa, I know this is temporary. I'm excited to be back at the spa before the end of the year

Thank you for your kind words and continued support of Tusany Spa. It's wonderful knowing I have such lovely people in my life.

Closeup of Michelle of Tuscany Spa not wearing makeup

Take care,


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