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Feeling Lucky?

During the month of March, we're featuring a "LUCKY TRIO"!

3 skincare products - scrub, toner, moisturizer from TuscanySkinSpa in front of a stuffed toy of Irish leprechaun and behind a goldtone shamrock and horseshoe.
Lucky Trio skincare bundle.

The Lucky Trio bundle features 3 (three) of our staff's favorite

products for 10% OFF. This bundle includes:

  • Resurfacing Scrub

  • Refreshing Balancing Toner

  • Power Hydrator

The Lucky Trio helps combat dry skin. Take advantage of this pot of hydrating gold at the end of the rainbow!

Have it shipped to you or hold for pick up Tuesday to Saturday.


FAQ: Is the Resurfacing Scrub to be used daily or once a week?

Answer: Use Resurfacing Scrub weekly or twice a week.

We recommend that you DON'T use any scrub more than twice a week. Because scrubbing daily leaves the skin irritated, red, dehydrated, and traumatized.

FAQ: Is this good for mature skin?

Answer: YES. This is great for mature skin. It will smooth, brighten, and remove dull, dry skin.

Use the Refreshing balancing toner after then apply your Power Hydrator on damp skin. Follow with sunscreen during the daytime. At night if you have extremely dry skin then you can follow with your favorite night cream.

FAQ: How do I use the Lucky Trio?

Answer: Six (6) step skincare routine.

  1. Cleanse your skin with your favorite cleanser, then pat your skin dry.

  2. Apply a quarter size of your Resurfacing Scrub to your face, neck and decollete.

  3. Leave on for 1 minute to allow the glycolic acid work like a mini peel.

  4. Add water and gently polish the scrub over your skin. Rinse well. Pat dry.

  5. Spritz the Refreshing Balancing Toner over your face to decollete.

  6. Apply a nickel size of Power Hydrator from your face to decollete.

FAQ: When does the Lucky Trio savings promo end

Answer: We have a limited supply in stock. So the Lucky Trio deal is available only while supplies last. So order today to SAVE 10% and get FREE SHIPPING. Click here to ORDER NOW!

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