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Grateful for another Birthday

The end of summer was always the start of a new school, in a new city. Scary times for a kid whose family moved around a lot. But I also got to celebrate my birthday and ask for a new book. Still love books today. Now I have so many e-readers and e-books I could fill a public library.

This year I'm not asking for books. I'm asking for a new experience. A one day getaway to reflect and be grateful for what I have. Because it's easy to focus on what we've lost after a 6 month quarantine.

I'm grateful for clients sending cards and emails with good wishes. I miss my peeps. I'm grateful for good health, inspite of the quarantine-15 weight gain. Grateful for a loving partner. And for an amazing team of women I get to call my Tuscany Spa team.

My fellow estheticians and massage therapists are eager to get back to work full-time. While hair stylist get to offer indoor services now, we're still making do with our outdoor spaces. We started something new with our Garden Facials and Garden Massages. And in a previous post I update our spa schedules - check it out here.

So we've been "back in school" learning how to adjust to the new normal. At least it keeps our brains healthy and active. And we always appreciate your feedback and support.

Robert Kennedy once threatened "may you live in interesting times." And although we're experiencing that curse today, we can still find time to be grateful. Grateful for the little moments of peace, friendship and joy. Even if it's an escape into cat videos. Whatever works. Gratitude keeps us strong.

As for my getaway spot, I've haven't settled on location yet. If you have a suggestion, I'm all ears. (I'd sure look funny covered all in ears.) My criteria for getaway spot - within driving distance from Los Angeles for a one day vacay. Someplace nice to go strolling. Cooler climate with lots of shady spots. Going to be hot next week, so hoping to to escape it for one day.

I hope you have a good weekend. And find your moments of gratitude, peace and joy.


PS: Here's something to be grateful for. Find your bliss with a Tuscany Spa Garden Facial or Garden Massage. A great way to unwind, relax and reinvigorate your quarantined spirit.

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