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Community offers during quarantine

How we're lifting each other up

What have you learned about yourself during this covid19 era? I've learned that retiring will really be as difficult as I feared. Not being able to go to the spa has been maddening. So I've focused on three areas. Reaching clients through new arenas, preparing for our reopening and self-care. I've also found my clients are creating new ways to reach out during these strange times. The list below includes mental health and wellness to landscape and business improvement.  Each of these are from members of our spa family. Check out the list. Of course, I've added mine too. In upcoming posts I'll go over how my team and I are preparing to reopen the Spa. We don't have an official date yet. It could be the next month or two. I'll share the new procedures we'll have in place to help keep us all safer. And I'll send you the self-care tips that have been working for me. There are some that I'll add to my post-quarantine routine too. Now check out how our spa family is helping our community.


Online offerings from our Spa community

Paula Simmons Design fulfills your landscaping dreams. 

Paula will set up a virtual consultation. Then will photograph your space. And create a plan and images for your dream landscape.

Contact Paula directly at Paula Simmons Design (818) 523-0080.

A garden with flowers and grass


Keep your body moving past stiffness and pain

Ofir has been working with clients on improving their wellness, breaking up tight fascia and keeping fit through one-on-one stretching. Now get your Customized Virtual Body Coaching with Ofir. Book now at

women stretching by doing a bent over side twit


Helping Small Business navigate the new Families First Paid Sick Leave 

Ginger Galloway, HR expert, is offering a NO-COST Consultation call for small businesses. She available to answer your employee-related questions. Gingers is an amazing resource during this quarantine. Call her cell at 818-588-5451.

Group of business emloyees having a discussion

Get past that personal roadblock and start your journey for FREE

Jenifer Bromberek, Life Coach, is offering FREE 20 minute LIFE COACHING SESSIONS. Send a call request to So she can create a customized approach to guide and empower you.

two women talking

Regain your mental balance and reenergize your self and spirit.

Combining meditation, Reiki Energy healing, Crystal Gemstones, Visualization and human connection - Alison is offering a Virtual 1-on-1 REIKI with Crystal Gemstones. This is a powerful rebalancing treatment.

womens palm holding a large clear crystal


Enhance your selfcare through journaling

With the "2020 Pandemic Journal: A Diary of Strange Experiences" you can move beyond the stress of quarantine and into self-awareness and  fun. Available on Amazon.

picture of blue corona virus with a green face mask


Struggling with Anxiety, depression or relationship concerns?

Looking to grow past those painful obstacles, securely supported & guided by a skilled, experienced therapist? Christina G. Mitchell, MA, LMFT is offering a FREE CONSULTATION CALL.

Send a call request to: or 818-925-6263

two women in a therapy session

Stop wasting money on beauty marketing bullsh*t.

Sharing our know-how is Tuscany Spas' guiding light. And the marketing bs that costs my clients thousands of dollars in worthless, sometimes dangerous, skincare angers me. I've created a workshop to save you $$ on your next beauty splurge. Click here to Sign up to get notified of the launch date.

smiling people applauding at a group lecture


Need to bring some chic in your life and brighten up your self-isolation?

Discover 3 Must-Know Tricks that will help you communicate in French, even if you are a Beginner, and connect with your French friends and clients with Confidence. Download your French fix from Llyane Stanfield's website.

Picture of Llyane Stanfield in front of daytime Paris skyline

In the upcoming post I'll share how we're getting ready for you and when the spa will have it's grand ReOpening. And keep an eye out for the self-care techniques I'm using to stay sane and productive.

Sending best wishes for you to stay safe, healthy and sane during this quarantine crisis. Michelle

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