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Broken heart during graduation season

I've enjoyed looking at the graduation pics. Following our spa family on Facebook and Instagram, and oohing over the pics on their phone.

Many of our teen clients are starting exciting adult lives. They’ve graduated from high school and college. It's wonderful to see them start their new journeys.

My team and I delight in their joy and excitement.

And then Tuesday we hear the tragic results of another school shooting. Teachers and small kids that will not be sharing another graduation. Families are grieving. And we're heartbroken.

Usually I don't comment on these issues. My mother mentored me to remain silent, not share opinions when it came to the spa. But I'm the owner now and that doesn't feel right.

Each of us is mourning this tragedy in our own way. I've prayed with the Episcopal church healing remembrance service. And trying to put my struggle into words.

I have no answers. I can only hold a space filled with love. And send healing energy into the world. While we continue to move forward with fragile hope and kindness.

While this is a somber post, it's also an honest one. The past 2 years have left us reeling. Another loss feels like it's too much. But not remembering and honoring it doesn't work either.

So while there is a tinge of sadness with every celebration, there is also a huge swath of hope.

Hope, that our graduates will take this world by storm. Hope, that we can finally come together

to find solutions to tough problems. Hope, that our community can grow together.

We are so proud of our graduates. 🎓 You've worked hard to complete your education. And we're excited for you and the new life journey you've begun.

Happy Graduation. Congrats on a job well done.


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