6 quick and easy spring renewal steps

Your Tuscany Spa Tips & Treats Newsletter - What are you bringing into your season of renewal?

Spring is in full swing. As a child, spring was the celebration of a new year. No Rooz, the Persian new year, is celebrated with food, family gatherings and fun.

Now, with the restrictions softening, we're excited to gather again with family and friends. It definitely feels like a new year. So here are 6 quick and easy spring renewal steps. [one]

After 2 years of hiding away my lower face, I need to refresh my skin and appearance. Along with refreshing my springtime skincare, I'm excited to get a Myolift Firm and Lift facial. With the Myolift facial, the facial muscles will get a great workout. The skin will be baby soft and smooth. And I'll get the best nap of my life while I enjoy a fantastic face massage.

[two] Spring is a great time to renew your skincare routine. Our skin and body have continued to change while we've isolated ourselves these past two years. Many have a much drier or a sensitive skin. Others are having breakouts they never imagined they'd see. Your skin is in need of a reevaluation for a new, simple and straightforward routine. Bonus? You don't have to make time to come in to the spa. We can do your skin analysis and consultation virtually. And you'll get to save 15% towards your skincare purchases. [three] I've been recommending our sunny days two-step skincare. A powerful duo of an antioxidant skin corrector and skin soothing sun protector. Think of it as our Batman and Robin superheroes for the face. I'll share the secret next week on this website - log in to get the inside scoop.


We're gearing up for vacations. Many of us at the spa have mini-trips planned. I'm off to wondercon at the end of March. I'll share photos on Instagram if you want to check it out. One of our team is enjoying a cruise as I write this.

So vacation kits are in demand. We've got 2 handy sets. Our Travel