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4 steps for more youthful hands.

A quick and easy 4 step at-home hand treatment. So you can remove dark spots and wrinkles for more youthful hands.

My client Christine recently complained "My hands look old and wrinkled. Is there anything I can do?" Then she said to herself "I'm sure there's not much", sounding despondent and resigned.

"Of course, we can treat your hands," I was happy to share. And you can do it at home too."

My home remedy is a simple 4 step treatment that you can start at any time and at any age. It's based on our 4 step skincare protocol

- Cleanse, Correct, Hydrate and Protect.



One of the simplest way to make dry, wrinkled skin look better is to exfoliate when you're washing your hands. Scrubs are a quick twice weekly exfoliating choice. My favorite is our Resurfacing Scrub.

Resurfacing scrub has plant based scrubbing beads to slough off old dead cells. And it also has glycolic acid that works like a home peel. It dissolve the glue that holds the ugly, rough, dead cells to your skin.

Directions: Apply Resurfacing Scrub to your skin. Leave on for 30 seconds or more. Then polish the skin with your palms for a minute before adding water and scrubbing it off. Use 2 to 3 times per week.

Dishwashing liquid and Hand Soap

If you're like me, you use grease stripping dawn to wash your implements and dishes. This is brutal on your hands. Want to keep using your "tough on grease" dishwashing liquid?

Wear reusable protective vinyl gloves. Wear them every time you wash your dishes and clean your home.

Plus daily hand washing strips natural moisture and oil, leaving them dry and flaky. So switch your hand soaps to a milder and more moisturizing option.


Reverse the signs of aging, remove dark spots and reduce wrinkles with a single step... Apply a Glycolic Hand Cream to your hands and arms every night.

I'm a fan of our Glycolic 15% Body cream. You can apply it from the neck, down. And it is an amazing anti aging hand cream. Why?

  • Removes dry, dead skin cells

  • Removes dark, damaged surface cells

  • Remove the crepey appearance of skin

  • Improve skin hydration for a plumper appearance

  • Preps your skin for a more thorough exfoliation with your scrub

Glycolic 15% Body cream is an effective anti aging hand cream. In 1 quick, nightly step. You hands will be softer after the first day. Texture will be smoother within a week. After a month your hands will look more youthful with more even skin tone and fewer dark age spots.

Directions: Apply a pearl size of Glycolic 15% Body Cream to clean dry hands every night.


Have you noticed your fav hand moisturizer doesnt give any relief for your dry, aged hands? That's because the excess dry, dead skin cells prevent hydration from absorbing.

Once you start to use the Correcting Glycolic 15% Hand cream at night. And make Resurfacing Scrub your morning home-peel- scrub combo. Then you'll find your favorite moisturize gives your skin boost.

I use the Power Hydrator Face and Neck cream in the morning because it absorb quick without any greasy feel. It's on my counter so easy to apply from my face to my hands. Reapply your moisturizer every tiem you wsh your hands


The most important thing you can do for your hands today is to protect them from the environment.

Dermatologists recommend sunscreen. We do as well. But with frequent hand washing, none of us remember to reapply spf on our hands.

So it's time to invest in gloves. I found a nice pair from the drugstore. It protects from the cold, wind and UV streaming through the windshield. Get an extra pair to leave in the car.

Get gardening gloves for all your planting this season. They protect against thorns and debris while they protect from sun, wind and cold.

Plus splurge on those decorated reusable vinyl gloves for dishwashing and housecleaning. They make you look sassy and fun, like a 1950's diva, while you clean up after your dinner party.

Rather than fretting that there is nothing you can do for your aged hands, take action. And enlist these 4 steps to get your hands looking strong, young and fabulous

Here again is your 4 steps home treatment for more youthful hands.

  1. Use Resurfacing Scrub as your twice a week home peel and scrub. And cleanse with mild, moisturizing hand soaps.

  2. Apply Glycolic 15% Body Cream to your hands and arms every night.

  3. Apply your favorite moisturizer to your hands every morning. Reapply after washing

  4. Protect your hands with gloves. Driving gloves and all weather gloves for every day. Vinyl Reusable gloves for cleaning and washing.

Which of these tips be using today? Join the discussion on our Facebook Group - Smart Skin Body Wellness.

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