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3 reasons you deserve a Cupping Massage

Have you heard of a Cupping Massage? Not just a cupping session. Olympic medalist Michael Phelps made cupping famous. Images of the swimmer with the circular bruises created a stir.

Cupping is the placement of the cups on areas of the body. Kineseology uses cupping to help speed up healing in injured athletes. While cupping on its own is beneficial, a cupping massage is two steps above.

Here are 3 reasons you should get a cupping massage

Pain reduction

The movement of the cups on the body encourages the circulation of lymphatic fluid and blood flow. This allows cupping massage to reduce inflammation. Reducing swelling reduces pressure against sensitive muscles. And this speeds up the body's healing

Cupping massage also mimics a deep tissue massage. It gets to the deeper muscles to help break up "knots: in the muscle tissue. It can be used with a deep tissue massage to focus on sore muscles.

A regular cupping massage guest with chronic back pain reported 50% reduction in her pain levels.

Improved Movement and Mobility

Cupping massage helps with mobility. I can personally attest to that. After my spinal surgery my neck has been harder to move. The cupping massage helped loosen up the tighter muscles. It allowed more flexibility so I can turn my head without discomfort.

A cupping massage stimulates the nerves in the skin and re-stimulates the nervous system. This helps improve the bodys' ability to bounce back after pain and injury.

And since it breaks up the tightened muscles this helps the muscles move more smoothly again.

The Best Upper Back and Shoulder Care

This is good for the upper back. Great as a focused treatment of the muscles across the back and shoulders or added to a full body massage. Plus, with regular appointments the massage therapist can increase the intensity at each treatment. This allows for regular and profound improvement after each massage session.

My spinal pain reduced movement in my neck, shoulder and upper back. This created stiffness and loss of mobility. The cupping massage has been amazing for my recovery. With better mobility, less pain and greater circulation I'm feeling better than I have in over a year.

Ready for a cupping massage? Talk to your fav massage therapist. You'll love the results.

You don't have a massage therapist? And are you in the Glendale/Pasadena/La Crescenta area? Reach out to my gal, Stephanie at Liaf Collective.



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