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Why you need a peel

Why do we promote skin peels?

Aren’t you in danger of ‘over-peeling’? Is it safe? And do you have to deal with the hassle of peeling flaking skin? Today I'm sharing the real deal on peels. And offering a Buy 3 Get 3 promo at the end of this post.

Reveal better skin after a peel. Young woman with before and after mage

Peels are a great, quick way to remove summer skin damage.

And to reveal healthier, brighter, smoother skin. In the 80’s the advent of glycolic acid revolutionized the beauty business. No longer were dermatologists and doctors the only ones that could give you great skin. Now your local esthetician was a ‘miracle worker'. And they could get your skin back in shape during your lunch break.

Today we offer a mild to strong peels to refine and improve your skin. And without any ‘down-time’ peeling or flaking. You will leave the spa with more luminous skin. And as my client TS told me she got compliments after the very first peel.

Can you ‘over-peel’?

No. And not with a series of 6 peels. After 6 consecutive peels then it’s time to take a break. But with the stronger peels available to us at Tuscany Spa we can get incredible results with 3 peels.

Note: We don't recommend peels during the summer months. Due to the heat and UV damage you should focus on anti-oxidants and hydration. Then use fall and winter to remove an UV damage you were unable to avoid.

Are peels safe?

Yes, peels are safe.

But remember you can be sensitive or allergic to ANYTHING. (I have clients allergic to lavender, peanuts, corn and flax seed).

For our clients safety we recommend testing the peels first. This is a patch test. We do this during our Skin Analysis Consultation appointments for new clients. And during an Essential Facials for returning clients.

How do we perform a patch-test for a peel?

We’ll apply 2 different types of peels behind each ear. Then have you check back with us in 48 hours. This verifies our clients don’t have an allergy or sensitivity to any of the peel ingredients. Peel allergies have been rare but we prefer to check.

Where do peels come from?

Peels were developed originally by nature. Cleopatra bathed in sour milk, sugar and almond meal scrubs are popular and white willow bark created aspirin. Each of these items is the precursor for a peel. Lactic acid is originally from milk, glycolic from sugar cane, mandelic from bitter almonds and Salicylic from white willow bark. Then years of research and study fine-tuned them in to the peels we know and love.

So will using sour milk give the same results as a Lactic peel?

No. The peels are stronger and more effective then their cousins. And less likely to create allergic reactions. Peels are a concentrated, consistent quality solution that were developed to improve the appearance of skin texture, tone, firmness and quality.

Will you have to deal with the hassle of flaking, peeling skin?


Will your skin look ugly or unsightly after a peel.


These peels do not need 'down-time’. They don't cause flaking, peeling or sunburn style shedding of your skin. This is why they are often called a Lunch Time Peel.

Do we offer a peel that causes flaking and peeling?

Yes, it’s our Retinoic Complex Peel. This is a very strong chemical peel that forces the skin to shed the old damage surface layer. But after a week the results are impressive. If you want quick results this peel offers it at an incredible value. But not everyone has a week where they can looking like a flaking zombie.

The intensive Retinoic Complex Peel offers dramatic results.

The good news is that a even series of mild to strong peels will improve your skins appearance. You'll get complements. Your skill will be beautiful. AND you don’t have to hide from family or take a week (or any time at all) off work to recuperate.

Fall and winter months are the perfect time to schedule your series of face peels. Strip off the summer damage. Reveal your smoother, brighter skin. And get ready for holiday gatherings.


Get three (3) decollette peels for FREE.

That’s a savings up to $300.

And our decollete (aka: upper chest) needs TLC too.

*Purchase by Dec 22nd. Will have 90+ days to redeem your peels.


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