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Taste of Tuscany Spa

Welcome to Tuscany Spa. It's a pleasure to have you here.  Now we know that it's scary to visit a new spa or try a new treatment. You wonder "must you really pay full price to try out a new facial or massage spa?" Isn't there a risk free inexpensive way?



Well, yes there is! How about you get a 50 minute version of fabulous spa services and pay a bargain price? If this sounds good to you then read on. 


Every year Tuscany Spa offers our most popular spa treatments at a deal -

50 minute spa treatments for ONLY $50 each. 



This is an amazing way for you to try our spa and treat yourself to "me-time". Check out the 3 treatments. Sign up for future deals and spotlights. Schedule your Spa Day.



  • FACIAL - with Firming LED light and Ultrasonic mechanical Peel


  • MASSAGE - your choice of a Restorative upper or lower body massag


  • BACK TREATMENT - exfoliating back scrub with hot stone focused massage.



The details on each treatment is listed below. Check it out.

Then Book your Taste of Tusany TODAY!


TASTE OF TUSCANY is available until April 27th, 2019. We have a limited number of appointments so book now before your preferred time is taken. 







The three Taste of Tuscany Treatments


    Taste of Tuscany Facial - An incredible anti-aging/healthy aging facial.


It starts with a skin analysis to customized your facial. Then the skin is cleansed and exfoliated with our nature-sourced skincare. The mechanical peel removes dead, dull dry skin cells with Ultrasonic precision.  An individualized mask replenishes skin hydration. Relaxing face and neck massage restores balance. Heat therapy improves circulation. Then LED Light treatment replenishes moisture while it improves the appearance of skin firmness.


Ideal before a special occasions, holiday celebrations, boosting your confidence and looking good because you deserve it.



    Taste of Tuscany Massage - as bit of heaven on earth.


It starts with you choosing the focus of your massage  - either upper body (neck and shoulders) or lower body (legs and feet). Then heat therapy is applied to that area of focus. Moist heat warms up sore muscles, increases circulation and eases discomfort. Using medium pressure knots can start to loosen up, lymphatic and blood circulation increase. Your body will feel lighter, less stressed and more relaxed after your massage. Taste of Tuscany massage is also great way to treat repetitive motion concerns.


(Writers or computer pro's we suggest upper body. Drivers or desk jockeys, it's lower body.)



    Taste of Tuscany Back Treatment - this is what you wish you got every vacation.


Combines several elements into one treatment. Laying face down, feel free to take a nap as we scrub your back to a smooth texture. Using a nature-sourced scrub with invigorating essential oils we resurface the dry, flaky skin. With aromatic hot towels the skin is cleansed and warmed. Luxurious skin friendly serum applied with flowing, relaxing movements. Then hot stones are used with a focused massage movement to increase circulation, reduce discomfort and relax the mind and body. Your back will be soft, smooth and hydrated.


Perfect for Prom season or the beach.



Taste of Tuscany is offered in April for a brief time and with limited availablilty. Offer ends April 27, 2019. Book Your appointment now ... before this deal is gone .


Appointments must be booked with a credit card and pre-paid. Appointments that are cancelled early (more that 24 hours in advance) the credit can be refunded or applied to a another service.

(Now enjoy this relaxing vid of butterflies. Why? I like the peaceful imagery. It's a nice 30 second meditation.  -Michelle)

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Restorative massage on male client
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