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Perfect pet-friendly get-away

Did you take a vacation this summer?

I took my hubby to Cambria for long weekend. It was exactly what we needed. We even brought my little pup.

Cambria Shores Inn is a lovely pet friendly place. The little town had lots of restaurants with pet-friendly patios. And the food was excellent. We had his birthday dinner at Indigo Moon. Yum.

We took turns checking out stores one at a time. The pup was a little wigged out when one of her humans walked away without her. And delighted when we joined back up.

The cozy stamping shop let me bring in out girl. It was filled stamps ideal for crafters and casual stampers. She had great examples of ways to use the stamps. And I found an adorable stamp that reminded me of one of my goofy cats.

At the homemade body products shop I had a nice chat with the clerk. And of course I couldnt help myself and waxed poetic about skin wellness. The clerk brought up a skin issue and enjoyed being helpful. I'm an esthetician even when I'm vacationing.

The pottery store surprised me by welcoming our pup. POTTERY! I was nervous walking around with her. But she was on her best behaviour. Even when she met their resident little white dog housed behind a gate. And we didn't break a thing. Yippee.

Hearst Castle is currently closed for construction and repair. I think it was their road that needed repair. But we'll go back next year for a visit.

We didn't drive to nearby Monterey or the aquarium. Perhaps next visit. And since Nicole has moved their we could visit with her too.

This vacation was about a calm mellow get-away. Lots of walking along the boardwalk, breathing in the sea air. We put together a puzzle, read, enjoyed afternoon naps. And we let it melt away the stress. Exactly what we needed.

Today when I have a stressful day I can look at this video. I smell the ocean and hear the waves. Feel the cool breeze and warm sun. Place myself back in our vacation room. And then take a deep breathe and let go of the stress.

What do you do to let go of your stress? What works for you?

If you can't take a vacation right now, you can enjoy the next best thing. A facial and massage at Tuscany Spa. A great way to improve you skin, body and de-stress.

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