Morning self-care to combat covid19 Blues

Mom called me to tell me to stop being so depressing. She'd gotten off a call with her friend. They both agreed. "Michelle's video was so sad it leaves the viewer feeling depressed." Their conclusion: Michelle should only do happy and inspiring Facebook Live videos.

That's a challenge, especially during the quarantine. Are you having trouble getting moving in the morning? Are you fighting off the blues? Me too. Or, at least it was.

I found a trick to shake off the grey days and have a great day. (Yeah, it's corny. But it's the truth.)

An added bonus is I'm feeling better through-out the day. And I go to bed with a sense of contentment. Here's how I figured it out.

During one of many free events and webinars I got to hear Hal Elrod. If you don't know his story it's worth looking up. Suffice it to say, he suffered a life altering, life threatening accident as a young lad. For his own survival he create the Morning Miracle Routine. And it's this routine he shared.

Focus on 6 areas of your well being, first thing in the morning. Take 10 minutes for each area. After an hour you're ready to tackle the day.

What if you don't have an HOUR every morning? Yeah, I'm with you on that. Mornings aren't my fav time of the day. Now 11 am or 11pm, that's when I'm ready to create. But that's also when I'm at work or wrapping it up. So I made some adjustments. Along with Hal's Morning Miracle routine, I'll share my variations on each of the 6 areas too.


  1. I focused on Five (5) minute sections of time rather than 10.

  2. Then I decided where I want spend more than 5 minutes.

  3. Finally, I rearranged the 6 step routine to fit me.

Look over the Morning Miracle routine. Then find the way that will make it work the best for you.

Hal Elrods Morning Miracle - life "savers"

Hal Elrod breaks down his steps into the acronym SAVERS. Easier to remember and follow. Think of it as a set of steps.

S = Silence.

First thing in the morning take 10 minutes of silence before you rush into your day. Our days get so busy and noisy that starting with silence is a simple way to relax and get centered.

My variation - I take 2 to 5 minutes and focus on a 2:4 Breathing Meditation. Breathe in for a count of two, breathe out for a count of 4. Since this is also a great way to fall back to sleep, I sit up first. Then I do my breathing meditation.

A = Affirmation.

This is the positive self-talk we forget to do. I'm sure you spend as much time as me shit-talking yourself when you make an error. "What is wrong with me? I'm such a (insert crappy thing to say about yourself here)."

Well an affirmation is claiming your power and greatness. "I'm a success. I'm doing a great job. Other people enjoy reading what I'm sharing". Spend at least 5 minutes speaking your words of support.

My variation: I had a challenge with this one. "I'm a success?!?" My next thought is "In what universe." Now I acknowledge the negative thought and follow the missing logic. I remind myself of the areas of my life where I have been successful. Then restate the affirmation with confidence.

V = Visualization.

Fancy word for DAYDREAMING. Did you spend hours daydreaming when you were a kid? I remember laying on the grass, imaging cloud shapes and creating stories in my head. I got out of the habit as an adult.

Visualization is about imagining yourself as the successful, goal achiever that you are. Add in as much color, scent, scenery, taste and sound while you daydream. Walk through your day in your mind and see yourself conquer your goals.

My variation: I list 2 to 3 goals for the day before I visualize. Then I focus my minds storytelling into getting those goals done today. For now I focus on one day at a time. As I progress, I will use the time to see my weekly, quarterly or yearly goals achieved.

E = Exercise.

Ten minutes of vigorous cardio to get the blood pumping. When blood's pumping, you're getting oxygen into your muscles, organs and especially, brain. Jumping jacks, stationary bike, or whatever you have handy.

My variation: Planning 10 minute feels overwhelming. So I actually start my day with 5 minutes of stretches. Because when I'm silent 1st thing in the morning, I'm usually back to sleeping. Yesterday I didn't want to move after I woke. Phoeey to getting out of bed. But I told myself - only 5 minutes of stretches. As I lay in bed I pulled my legs to my chest, then did a slow side to side twist. And continued for 5 minutes until I felt a shift in my mind and got out of bed to continue my Miracle Morning routine.

R = Reading.

Feeding our brain is an essential part of our success. Ten minutes of inspirational, motivational, educational reading every morning. This is a great way to engage your brain.

My variation: It's been easy to read or reread fun novels, mysteries or paranormal romances. (The latter is my guilty pleasure my hubby calls my "smut reading". Hey whatever works.)

So it's easy to forget how good an brain-energizing book can be. I can also multi-task if I'm in a rush with an audio book like "Chicken Soup for the Soul" author Jack Canfields' keynote speech. I loved Jen Sinceros' "You are a Badass" audiobook. (she's a bit raucous but so much fun). Or Dwayne Dwyer books for healthy wellness tips like "The Shift".

S = Scribing.

Ok, Elrod is getting fancy here so he can get his acronym SAVERS to work. This is Writing. He wants you spend 10 minutes writing.

My variation: I list 3 gratitudes. And it has to be 3 unique ones for each day. This forces my brain to find new things that make me feel blessed. My 3 minute impromtu dance with my husband. Cranky kitty snuggling in the morning. Fun I had writing letters to my nephews and niece.

I also list 2 to 3 goals for the day. I try not to overload myself. Even though I wrote down 12 items this morning. In my defense they were within 6 categories. So I'm doing better. Still work in progress.

Artists Way Variation - Are you a fan of the artists way book and the morning pages? Use your Scribing time to write 3 pages or until your 10 minutes are up. It's great way to do a brain dump, especially of anxious thoughts that can plague our day. It's recommended that you do it with pen and paper, the physical act is meditative too. Give it a try.

Final Step -M.I.T.

Hal Elrods final step is not listed in SAVERS. The next step is to complete your Most Important Task (MIT). Often the one thing you dread. Get it over with. I can see the value of this. The morning miracle puts your brain, body and energy into a positive charge. And you can tackle and complete the toughest of projects with power.

My variation: Schedule time earlier in your day to get your M.I.T completed. For me, 1st thing in the day would harsh my mellow after my miracle morning. So I slot it in around lunch time so it's done before I get too bogged down in the minutia of living.

I took the SAVERS steps and rearranged them to fit me. And I added steps that were important to me such as prayer, self-reiki and doing my skincare. (I'm sure you're not surprised by that. Skincare is self care.)

Are you, your friends or family struggling during this stay-at-home order? The Morning Miracle can help. I've seen in difference in my lift after one week. Even my mom has noticed. And that was a much better call from mom.

Try the Morning Miracle for yourself. Take it and customize it to it your life. Then share these tips with friends and family that you know are struggling too.

Let me know how you're using the Morning Miracle Routine in the comments. Don't forget to share this post.


Bring back Joy into your day

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