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You will love this 6 step simple routine to combat dry skin

Santa Ana winds are back. We didn't have any rain for 6 months. Fires are still pouring smoke into our atmosphere. The drying winds and dry, smoky weather have left my clients with rough, dehydrated skin.

And with this pandemic it's a struggle to continue a twice daily routine; or even care about it. So here is a simplified routine to combat the Santa Ana wind induced dry skin.

Skincare, Simplified!

Most of us don't have the mental "bandwidth" to deal with twice daily skin care. So the trick is to focus on a once a day thorough skin cleansing and hydration boosting routine.

Once a day thorough skin cleansing.

You pick either morning or evening, whichever works best for you. This is what I've done to keep it simple and combat skin dryness and irritation.

Bonus: the wonderful clean scents of the 3 products invigorate the senses to create a moment of mindfulness.

My simple European Cleansing once daily routine:

  1. Apply Cleansing Milk on dry skin and spread it around from face to décolleté.

  2. Add water to emulsify the cleanser. Spend an extra minute to massage it onto the skin.

  3. Remove with a soft facial cleansing sponge, Exfolia cloth or a soft washcloth.

  4. Rinse well. Pat Dry! Don't rub the skin dry, keep it gentle.

  5. Mist the Refreshing Balancing Toner on face, neck and décolleté

  6. Boost hydration with hyaluronic acid found in Arctic AntiOxidant Hydragel

Step 1, 2 and 3 are the European cleansing routine taught to me by my esthetician mom. It's quick, easy, and effectively cleanses the skin. Plus the Cleansing Milk rinses without residue, dryness or irritation.

Step 4 is common sense. DON'T BEAT UP YOUR FACE. It doesn't need the added stress or skin irritation caused by scrubbing it dry with a towel. And your skin will dry perfectly if you pat it dry.

The 5th step prevents dehydration, balances your skin pH and prepares your skin to absorb hydration. After cleansing, I mist the skin with Refreshing Balancing Toner. The toner has an oil-free, hydrating and calming Aloe Vera Base. And it's the perfect base for the sixth step.

Step 6 is to boost the water in your skin with Hyaluronic Acid. Arctic AntiOxidant Hydragel boosts hydration and calms sensitive, windblown skin. Use alone as an oily to combination skin moisturizer. Or apply under your favorite rich and creamy moisturizer for drier skin.

These 6 steps are perfect as-is nighttime routine.

But if you're doing this as a daytime routine, add a step 7 and apply your Sunscreen.

7. Apply an SPF 15 or higher containing Zinc Oxide, every morning.

Want this routine for yourself?

Are you loving this simple 6 step method to combating dry skin? Ready to get your skin back on track and enjoy a simplified skincare routine? You can start your once a day simple routine with only these three (3) items.

  • Cleansing Milk,

  • Refreshing Balancing Toner and

  • Arctic AntiOxidant Hydragel

  • and a FREE Gift when you buy all 3

When you buy all three items in the Simplified skincare trio and you get a FREE facial cleansing sponge duo. But wait, there's more... (couldn't resist adding this line. But there is more)

Plus, you'll also get FREE in-spa pickup or shipping.

Buy the Simplified Skincare Trio,
Get your FREE cleansing facial sponge duo.

You can have better skin with a simple skincare routine. You need the right products for your skin. You need the right techniques. And you need a skincare coach to guide you through to save your money, time, and your beautiful skin. Book a consultation for your own skincare coach today

If you have any questions, leave a comment or send me an email. I look forward to hearing how enjoyed your simplified skincare routine.

Michelle of Tuscany Spa

Next time:

Take your skincare to the next level. Add a weekly or twice weekly skincare step. It will take your skincare up a notch. And it's not complicated or time-consuming.

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